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Dictionary of Electronic and Engineering Terms. Audio Base Control

Electrical Engineering Dictionary of Electronic Terms, How to Design an Audio Base Control or base enhancement circuit

pdfAccurate Current Sensing in High Voltage Motor Drives

Current sensing topologies vary according to many driving factors. In the appliance market, for example, the cost factor is dominant, while for the industrial market, performance is usually a key factor. Moreover, current levels discriminate between shunt-based current sensing that is often limited by the shunt thermal dissipation, and Halleffect topologies........

PQSoft? - Power Quality and Energy Efficiency Analytical Tools

PQSoft - Power Quality Software and Support Services

Stub Frequency Response

pdfSwitch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Topologies (Part I)

Basic Circuits and Circuit Building Blocks - open Circuits





Electronics Kits | Alltronics

Electronics Kits


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