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Rolled-off Noise SourceRolled-off Noise Source

An audio noise generator capable of driving earphones or small speakers


Noise Generators-- White and Pink Electronic CircuitsNoise Generators-- White and Pink Electronic Circuits

Noise generators circuits, electronic schematics or diagrams. Discovercircuits.com is your portal to free electronic circuits links.


Usb Circuit DiagramsUsb Circuit Diagrams

Electronic circuits that can be connected to USB controller like USB sound card, lamp or light using usb etc.


Tone Generator Software - Audio Test Tone Generator DownloadTone Generator Software - Audio Test Tone Generator Download

This software will play sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, impulse, pink or white noise at a selected frequency on Windows, Mac or Pocket PC.


Driving LEDs in Battery-operated Applications: Controlling Brightness Power Efficiently - Maxim

Describes how LEDs work and how to drive them in Li+/Li-IOn/NiCd/NiMH handheld devices efficiently. Provides valuable information on how to match LEDs current for several LED drivers.


Click/Pop objective Measurement: A Maxim Audio Group White Paper - Maxim

This text describes a method with which to derive an objective figure of merit of the click/pop performance of a given device.


Programmable Low Power Platform for HD Video and Image Signal Processing from CEVA | Video/Imaging DesignWire

CEVA-MM3000 supports both video and image pre/post processing algorithms such as scaling, stabilizer, and noise reduction in addition to many proprietary add-on applications, for example, augmented reality, gesture recognition and face detection.


Linear Regulators - Single Channel LDo - TPS78833 - TI.com

Download a datasheet or document on TI's TPS78833 Linear Regulators, from the Single Channel LDO collection of analog and digital product folders.


online Audio Tests, Test Tones and Sound Test files.

Tests your audio equipment, loudspeakers, room acoustics and hearing. Audio signals and test tones playable online. High resolution sound test files available for free download.


optical Quadrature Encoder with Digital output - Robot Room

How to make an optical quadrature encoder using ultrabright RED leds, phototransistors, potentiometers, and a TLC3702 comparator chip. Includes board layout and oscilloscope traces.


Sensitivity measurements of headphone and earphone receiver elements

This Article describes how to measure the sensitivity of headphones, earphones


An elegant solution

Using CobraNet and fiber optic-based audio networks to transport multiple, noise-free audio channels and overcome complex routing challenges at the Sydney Opera House. Built on Bennelong Point in Sydney Harbor, one of the most beautiful sites in the world, the Sydney Opera House is probably the most famous and architecturally unusual building in Australia, if not the world.Its signature design, resembling.......


Automatic Mic Mixers

Microphone mixing circuits are by no means new to the audio industry. The basic resistor-coupled mixer is as old as radio broadcasting itself (the early 1920s), developed by the need for multiple microphones and other signal sources to be active and level balanced to each other. Without mixers the producer's command of music fades up and under would never have been coined, and the announcer voice-over.......



eg3.com identifies the best of the web for embedded, dsp, rtos/real-time, fpgas, chip design for embedded, open source, board-level (advancedtca, pc/104, vme). eg3.com filters out the noise of the generic search engines, and organizes the web into keywords and categories (free stuff, demo's, white papers, vendors, etc. )........


Leadership - Executive Management Team €“ Enpirion

Enpirion is a premier analog semiconductor company with expertise in highly integrated power management solutions. Through our patented technology, Enpirion has developed the industry as first family of Power Systems-on-a-Chip (PowerSoC) featuring integrated inductors, which uniquely enables the combination of high efficiency, industry leading footprint and low noise performance........


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