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pdfVaristor Design Examples

NOTES Littelfuse Varistor Design Examples This note is meant to be a guide for the user in selecting a varistor by describing common application examples, and illustrating the solution process to determine [. . ]

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pdfVaristors (Connection and Terminology)

BRIEF Littelfuse Varistors (Connection and T erminology) TERMS AND DESCRIPTIONS Clamping Voltage Peak voltage across the varistor measured under conditions of a specified peak V C pulse current and specified . waveform. [. . ]

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pdfVaristors - Basic Properties, Terminology and Theory

Varistors are voltage dependent, nonlinear devices which have an electrical behavior similar to back-to-back zener diodes.

Componentes electrónicos

A Simple Varistor CircuitA Simple Varistor Circuit

In this project, we go over how to build a simple varistor circuit so that it can protect sensitive electronics from excess voltage.

Circuit Protection, Ferrite Bead, RC Network, Resistor, Capacitor, Inductor, Transformer, Magnetics, Varistor, Fuse, Crystal, Resonator, RLC, MoV, P.......

The latest product news, briefs, Product 360 reviews, product how-to features and comparison tables on resistors, capacitors, inductors and other passives.

Metal oxide Varistor (MoV), Basics, Working, Specifications, Performance, Features

The basics of metal oxide varistor (MOV) along with its working and specifications are given and also its performance and other features.

What is a Varistor

Added a new page to better cover the Definition of a Varistor. I had a graphic of the body of a varistor along with its dimensions and I figured it would be better just to place it on a different page, instead of trying to fit it on a current page. So the page has a few graphics and so far the same definition that was already on the site. There are a number of pages that link in; Companies that make Varistors, Resistor Definitions, Definition of a MOV, and the original Varistor Definition. Of co.......


Varistor Testing Application Note January 1998 AN9773 Introduction This note details the common tests of varistor parameters and describes suitable test methods using simpli ed test circuits. All tests are performed at 25oC, [. . ]

Shift Lights con Arduino

. Un amigo me pidió que le hiciera unas "Shift Lights" para su coche de competición. Son luces de cambio, es decir, según las revoluciones motor, se van encendiendo progresivamente. Es un coche antiguo y he sacado la señal del distribuidor. Disponía de un sensor Hall (conmuta con masa para dar la chispa. Está en serie con la bobina). La entrada al pin 2 (int 0) la he protegido con una resistencia en serie de gran valor y un zener de 5V1 (recordad que está en serie con una bobina). A parte, las e.......

High voltage experiments: Part 2- Homemade flyback transformer.

As i ve said before, in this second part i will show you my high voltage experiment using my own hand-wound homemade flyback transformer using the ferrite core from the original flyback transformer salvaged from old cathode ray tube (CRT) television monitor. Before I move on, here are the photos taken and descriptions:The overall setup. I ve changed the power supply from.......

Power Saver Circuit Diagram by

Power Saver Circuit DiagramMAKE A POWER SAVING PLUG. Just plug one of these amazing devices into any socket in your house and save up to 35% on your electricity bill. It sounds too good to be true. Lets take one to bits so we can copy it and save lots of money. Here we go. I?ve plugged the miracle plug in and it?s now saving me lots of money. I can tell it?s saving me money because tw.......

Protector telefonico contra descargasProtector telefonico contra descargas

Este es un circuito que protegerá la linea telefónica contra transitorios originados por descargas atmosfericas. Diseño del circuito impreso. .


Transient Suppression Devices and Principles Application Note January 1998 AN9768 Transient Suppression Devices There are two major categories of transient suppressors: a) those that attenuate transients, thus preventing [. . ]


Maxim > Design Support > Technical Documents > Tutorials > Circuit Protection > APP 1167 Maxim > Design Support > Technical Documents > Tutorials > General Engineering Topics > APP 1167 Maxim > Design Support [. ]

bridge rectifier circuit putting out wrong voltage

I have group of AC relays with a DC controlled coil. The rectifier/capacitor circuit fried on one of these relays. The others are getting 110vAC in

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