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 International Rectifier - Application Notes  International Rectifier - Application Notes

Notas de aplicacion sobre componentes utilizados para electrónica de potencia : Mosfet, IGBT, etc.


pdf Varistor Design Examples

NOTES Littelfuse Varistor Design Examples This note is meant to be a guide for the user in selecting a varistor by describing common application examples, and illustrating the solution process to determine [. . ]


pdf Phase Control Using Thyristors

Due to high-volume production techniques, Thyristors are now priced so that almost any electrical product can benefit from electronic control.


  Power Electronics News Power Electronics News

Latest news articles, white papers, Power Supplies, Batteries, Power Semiconductor, Power Components, Thermal management



Thyristors & Triacs - Ten Golden Rules for Success In Your Application.


pdf Fundamental Characteristics of Thyristors.

The Thyristor family of semiconductors consists of several very useful devices. The most widely used of this family are silicon controlled rectifiers (SCRs), Triacs, SIDACs, and DIACs.


pdf Explanation of Maximum Ratings and Characteristics for Thyristors.

Data sheets for SCRs and Triacs give vital information regarding maximum ratings and characteristics of Thyristors. If the maximum ratings of the Thyristors are surpassed, possible irreversible damage may occur.


pdf Miscellaneous Design Tips and Facts. Thyristors

Teccor® brand Thyristors AN1009 Introduction This application note presents design tips and facts on the following topics: AV dv/dt Definitions waveform is 63% of peak voltage (excluding any overshoots) divided by the time at [. . ]


pdf Thyristors for Ignition of Fluorescent Lamps

Teccor® brand Thyristors AN1010 Introduction One of the many applications for Thyristors is in fluorescent lighting. Standard conventional and circular fluorescent lamps with filaments can be ignited easily and much more quickly [. . ]


pdf Tiristores y triacs: recomendaciones (pdf).

Estos apuntes intentan proveer una interesante, descriptiva y práctica introducción a las reglas oro que deben seguirse en el uso exitoso de tiristores y triacs en aplicaciones de control de potencia.


 Laurier's Handy Dandy Little Circuits: DC Power Supplies - Regulators Laurier's Handy Dandy Little Circuits: DC Power Supplies - Regulators

Regulators have been around for some time. No more fussing around with complicated circuits as you can see from the following simple circuit layouts.


pdf Thyristors Used as AC Static Switches and Relays

This application note describes circuits in which these Thyristors are used to perform simple switching functions of a general type that might also be performed non-statically by various mechanical and electromechanical switches.


Battery Power Management - Block Diagrams, Reference Designs and Recommended


Documentos sobre electronica de potencia en PDF