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Dictionary of Electronic and Engineering Terms. Audio Base Control

Electrical Engineering Dictionary of Electronic Terms, How to Design an Audio Base Control or base enhancement circuit

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Engineering Dictionary

I'm adding new technical terms to the Engineering Dictionary all the time. I try to keep the pages a certain length, so from time to time I divide them up to keep the page lengths about the same. One new page starts with the Pull-Down Resistor Definition, which was divided off from the page starting with the Definition of PRBS. It doesn't matter which page a technical definition is on, except for page length, because at the top of each page is a directory for that particular letter. So a visitor.......

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Dictionary of Electronic and Engineering Terms. Audio Treble Control

Electrical Engineering Dictionary of Electronic Terms, How to Design an Treble Control for Audio Circuits

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Audio Circuit Diagrams

Added a few pages covering audio controls a few weeks ago, looks like some have been indexed already. Audio Base Adjustment. Audio Treble Adjustment. Audio Midrange Adjustment. Audio Tone Adjustment. Audio Loudness Adjustment. A few of the additions provide some circuit analysis like the page covering Base control, while the page on Loudness just shows a simple circuit with no values. Same with the Tone control, just a circuit with no values. I've been wanting to add a audio control schematic fo.......

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Electronics Tutorial and Circuits - Basic and Advanced Science Tutorials - Beginners and Intermediate Electronics - Hobby Projects

Electronics Tutorial and Circuits - Basic and Advanced Electronics - Beginners and Intermediate Electronics - Engineering Hobby Science Projects - Terms Dictionary and Conversions - General Theory, Test and Measurement, Digital Circuits, Battery Tutorials, Stepper Motor System Basics, How to use a Multimeter, Components Symbols, DC Theory, Block Diagrams, Switches Tutorial, Music, Sound & Special Effects Circuits, Diodes, Transistor Fault Finding, Multivibrators, Phasors and Resonance, Combinati.......

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pdfBroadband Video over Twisted Pair Cabling By Paul Kish Director

Broadband Video over Twisted Pair Cabling By Paul Kish Director, IBDN Systems & Standards NORDX/CDT December 2002 Introduction Over the last 10 years we have seen some tremendous advances in the manufacturing technology of [. . ]

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Soldermans Basic Electronics: April 2013

Basic Electronics, Electronic Tutorials, Educational Projects, Learning Circuit design, Edutainment and Interactive Applets.

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List of Dictoniaries - Discover Circuits -- - Electronic Resources or Reference Pages -

Designer's Resource Pages, a collection of helpful data for engineers, inventors, hobbyists & students

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Glossary of Electronic and Engineering Terms, Gray Code Circuit

Electrical Engineering Glossary of Electronic Terms; including a Gray Code definition and Gray Code conversion table and a Gray Code to Binary converter circuit.

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Spread Spectrum & CDMA Tutorial, Theory, Circuit Diagrams, Tools, oEM Products, Consultants, and More

Directory of spread spectrum & CDMA resources and development tools. Includes informative spread spectrum tutorial & advanced theory, circuit diagrams, chip sets, OEM modules, test equipment, consultants, and more.

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Peerless Electronics: Peerless Electronics

Peerless Electronics, Inc. stocking distributor for switches, relays and circuit breakers.

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DC Metering Circuits

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Ringers and Clampers_Circuit Diagram World

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BT136 Triac AC mains - TTL interface circuit ~ Technoburst

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Circuit Design Gopher - Electronic Product Development: July 2008

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