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pdf Varistor Design Examples

NOTES Littelfuse Varistor Design Examples This note is meant to be a guide for the user in selecting a varistor by describing common application examples, and illustrating the solution process to determine [. . ]

  Electronic Components & Transistors- Cross Reference, Data Sheets  Electronic Components & Transistors- Cross Reference, Data Sheets

Your guide to electronic components: cross reference (transistors, ICs, diodes, etc. ), part number search, online catalogs, data sheets, definitions, and other online resources.

  My Resistor - Resistor color code calculator  My Resistor - Resistor color code calculator

Graphical calculator to calculate resistor values from its color coded bands and vise versa.

  ArisWin3  ArisWin3

ArisWin3 es un programa para consulta de las características eléctricas de los transistores de silicio más usados en la actualidad.

  Conozca los capacitores electrolticos  Conozca los capacitores electrolíticos

Sobre los capacitores electroliticos. Que es ESR o resistencia serie equivalente.

  Resistor Color Code  Resistor Color Code

Resistor Color Code Chart

pdf Fundamental Characteristics of Thyristors.

The Thyristor family of semiconductors consists of several very useful devices. The most widely used of this family are silicon controlled rectifiers (SCRs), Triacs, SIDACs, and DIACs.

pdf Varistors (Connection and Terminology)

BRIEF Littelfuse Varistors (Connection and T erminology) TERMS AND DESCRIPTIONS Clamping Voltage Peak voltage across the varistor measured under conditions of a specified peak V C pulse current and specified . waveform. [. . ]

pdf Varistors - Basic Properties, Terminology and Theory

Varistors are voltage dependent, nonlinear devices which have an electrical behavior similar to back-to-back zener diodes.


Thyristors & Triacs - Ten Golden Rules for Success In Your Application.

  Displays LCD - Cmo usarlos  Displays LCD - Cómo usarlos

Muchas aplicaciones microcontroladas requieren mostrar datos de diversas formas. Para ello se puede emplear fácilmente un display LCD.

Códigos de Identificación de Circuitos Integrados

Identificación del fabricante de circuitos integrados, por su código.

Tube Data Sheet Locator

Tube Data Sheet Locator.

Calculo de Transformadores

Electrónica y Electricidad - Cálculo de Transformadores

The Defpom FET Transistor Cross Reference Page

A page which shows a cross reference chart for FET type transtors.

Downloads - FET Transistors

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