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Library file description OrCAD PSpice

Switch-Mode Power Supplies SPICE Simulations and Practical Designs OrCAD/PSpice Simulation Libraries and Design Templates Christophe Basso - 2007 Revision 0. 3 May 2007 The present Word file describes the content [. . ]

http://cbasso.pagesperso-orange.fr/Downloads/Book/Library file description OrCAD PSpice.pdf


SECTION 7 HIGH SPEED HARDWARE DESIGN TECHNIQUES Walt Kester, James Bryant, Walt Jung, Adolfo Garcia, John McDonald, Joe Buxton ANALOG CIRCUIT SIMULATION Walt Kester, Joe Buxton In [. . ]



Servo-Controlled Active Feedback 200 Watt Class-D Subwoofer Amplifier Alex Kim (904574640) Thomas LaBella (904566662) John Caldwell (904413202) Preston Taylor (904482345) ECE 4206 Electronic Circuit Design II [. . ]



Application Report SLVA221 ­ February 2006 PSE Solution Delivers High Power-Over-Ethernet to 25-W PD Over Two Pairs Jean Picard.PMP Systems Power ABSTRACT This application report discusses a [. . ]



Application Note AN-1220 Circuit Models for IR HiRel Solid State Relays By Michael F. Thompson Table of Contents Page I. INTRODUCTION . 2 II. Definition and Applicability . 2 [. . ]



Two Transistors Form Bidirectional Level Translator Jim Hagerman, Nokia Mobile Phones, San Diego, CA You often need to convert a logic signal from one power supply [. . ]



Application Note 1580 Authors: Michael Steffes and Oscar Mansilla Testing Intersil's Active Filter Designer Gain and Q Sequencing Impact on Output Noise Introduction Intersil's Active Filter Designer is a simulation suite intended to accelerate [. . ]



AN1631/D Using PSPICE to Analyze Performance of Power MOSFETs in Step-Down, Switching Regulators Employing Synchronous Rectification Prepared by: Rick Honda and Scott Deuty http://onsemi.com APPLICATION NOTE INTRODUCTION This paper will describe an easy method [. . ]



RF1K49093 Data Sheet August 1999 File Number 3969.5 2.5A, 12V, 0. 130 Ohm, Logic Level, Dual P-Channel LittleFETTM Power MOSFET This Dual P-Channel power MOSFET is manufactured using an advanced MegaFET process. This process, which uses feature sizes approaching those [. . ]


Experiment 3

EXP3: Operational Amplifiers II. OBJECTIVES. This experiment will continue on the Operational Amplifiers study. INTRODUCTION AND TEST CIRCUITS. In order to generate a signal without having any input it is required to have an [. . ]

http://www.utdallas.edu/~randall.lehmann/Experiment 3.pdf


Análisis de circuitos lineales Ejercicios con PSpice Escuela de Ingeniería de Telecomunicación Este documento está destinado fundamentalmente a ser utilizado por los alumnos que siguen la asignatura de [. . . . . ]


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