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ptc - Computers electronics

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[Solucionado] - que es un PTC y thermistor de gaussing ? - Reparación de TV - YOReparo[Solucionado] - que es un PTC y thermistor de gaussing ? - Reparación de TV - YOReparo

Comunidad de tecnicos y afines al mundo de las reparaciones en electronica y computacion. Todo sobre la reparacion de computadoras, reparacion de impresoras, tv, audio, video, microondas, lavadoras


PTC – CoCreate Explicit Modeling – 3D CAD Design SoftwarePTC – CoCreate Explicit Modeling – 3D CAD Design Software

CoCreate is a complete and lightweight explicit modeling solution that provides speed and flexibility to engineers facing short design cycles and one-off product designs.



PTCSL03 www.vishay.com Vishay BCcomponents PTC Thermistors, Mini Radial Leaded for Over-Temperature Protection FEATURES · Well-defined protection temperature levels · Fast response time · Accurate resistance for ease of circuit design [. . . . . ]


Industry - Littelfuse, Circuit Protection, Fuseholders, Fuse Accessories, Fuses, Gas Discharge Tubes, PulseGuard ESD Suppressors, Resettable PTCs, SID.......

Littelfuse Littelfuse products circuit protection products are used in numerous industries including Automotive Aftermarket, Automotive OEM, Consumer Electronics, Electrical Contractor, Electrical Maintenance & Repair, Industrial OEM, Military, Off-Road Truck & Bus, Telecom, White Goods.


PTC USER World Event 2010, Day 1 and 2

As you would expect, I attended the PTC USER World event this year specifically to represent the PTC CoCreate family of products. With this post I hope to provide information related to the CoCreate solutions, including the CoCreate sessions and related activities. For those CoCreate users out there that could not attend, we missed you, and I hope this post can give you some sense and feel for the energy and excitement of the event. I know there was much more to the event than what I am going to.......


Temperature protection using PTC and LM393

Used as a protective circuit above uses a component named PTC , the components in the operating. . . [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]


Battery charge protection circuit composed of PTC component_Circuit Diagram World


Delay lamp circuit using relay (7)_Circuit Diagram World

As shown in the circuit, it uses a PTC thermistor as a control element, so that the circuit is very simple. SB1 and SB2 are lights button respectively installed in two different places. Both of them can operate E. K should adopt the JRX-13F


How to Build Simple Thermistor Circuits

In this article, we go over simple thermistor circuits, including circuits which use NTC and PTC thermistors.


pdfUsing NTC Temperature Sensors Integrated into Power Modules

Most APTE (Advanced Power Technology Europe) power modules include a temperature sensor. Usually it is a Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) thermistor with resistance that decreases while temperature increases. With its low cost, the NTC thermistor is the device of choice for module temperature measurements and over-temperature protection, but other devices like PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) resistors are preferable for specific temperature control applications........



. LOW COST SENSOR TESTER Do you need your own tester for your application? Our tester has 2 inputs which can be used to check accelerometers, potentiometers, hall sensors, gyros, ntc, ptc, pressure, valves (frecuency and duty cycle). . . You can watch the voltage and physical data from the sensors in the display. Sensor database, menu, . . . 100 % configurableLow pass filter. Power with auto shut down (save battery). Send data to your computer (Excel, matlab, hyperterminal, . . . ) . .


Let\'s Get Learning!

Each season, FIRST Tech Challenge presents live "Ask an Expert" trainings for rookie and veteran teams. This year, the schedule is jam-packed, so we want to share some highlights:New Technology SeriesThis four-part series will look closely at the new FTC Android-based technology and the various components, led by FTC teams, volunteers, and staff. Be sure to attend these live Go.......


AD8280 | Lithium IOn Battery Safety Monitor | Battery Management | Power Management | Analog Devices

The AD8280 is a hardware-only safety monitor for Lithium IOn battery stacks. The part has inputs to monitor six battery cells and two temperature sensors (either NTC or PTC thermistors). The part is designed to be daisy chained with additional AD8280 as to monitor a stack of significantly more than six cells, but without the need for numerous isolators. Its output can be configured for independent.......


Future Pro/E Developmnent

Wildfire 6 (assuming that is what it will be called), scheduled for released in 2011, has a lot planned for higher level surfacing! Since I have an affiliation with technical committee, I am not entirely sure what I can discuss however I can say for me it is the most significant release since ISDX made its debut in 2001. So get your credit cards ready to upgrade your maintenance ;). And I'm not just talking about just the new Sub'D modeling module which is significant in is own right. One thing .......


Technical Documents, Design Support - Littelfuse Supplier Documents - Littelfuse

Littelfuse Search for Littelfuse products by brand, industry or technology. Circuit Protection, Fuseholders, Fuses, Gas Discharge Tubes, PulseGuard ESD Suppressors, Resettable PTCs, SIDACtor Protection Thyristors, Silicon Protection Arrays, Switching Thyristors, TVS Diodes, Varistors, Littelfuse, Concord, Pudenz, Smart Glow Fuse, Teccor, Wickmann.......


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