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Sony Xplod ES MDX-C8500X MiniDisc receiver with CD changer controls at

Enjoy CD quality home-recorded MDs in your car with the Xplod ES MDX-C8500X MiniDisc receiver. Wide Bit Stream processing uses 20-bit technology to smooth out the digital playback for warmer, more

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In a Nod to Niche Users, Sony Rethinks the MiniDisc -


10. 3 MiniDisc 10. 3. 1 Introduction and Features of the MiniDisc System The MiniDisc (MD) system, developed by Sony, offers both digital sound and random access features. In addition to these features, the following three types of MiniDiscs [. . ]


PROFESSIONAL PMD650 Portable MiniDisc Recorder The first in a new generation of portable digital recorders, Marantz Professional is proud to present the PMD650 Portable MiniDisc Recorder. The MiniDisc format has received considerable attention in many professional applications [. . ]


xitel "If you've got a MiniDisc recorder, you shouldn't be without an MD-Port TM I/O!" "Get more out of your NetMDTM or MiniDisc recorder!" MD-Port I/O USB Digital Interface TM Being a USB interface means that installing the MD-PortTM I/O [. . ]

Sony MZ-NE410 Net MD™ Walkman® recorder at

Looking for a portable MP3 player? Check out Net MD! The MZ-NE410 recorder/player can store up to 5 hours of PC audio onto a MiniDisc costing just over $2. You get easy recording, editing, and

S/PDIF - TOSLINK interface

Circuit & Information on TOSLINK interface So you want to get a high quality audio for minidisc recording but when using red and white RCA, the quality drop drastically. Here a my cheap solution for you. Actually you can find a lot of references of this type of simple project in the internet. REF * S/PDIF = Sony/Philips Digital.......

Voquette Makes Web Music More Mobile - SFGate

Enter Voquette's Media Manager software, which lets you output PC-based audio files to cassette tape or MiniDisc -- inexpensive media playable in your car, Walkman or stereo, and simple to exchange with friends. Most MP3 players cost hundreds of dollars, hold only about an hour's worth of music, play a limited range of audio formats and require you to download songs to them every time you want to change your playlist. Some newer players offer removable flash memory so you can keep medleys of son.......

JK AudioJK Audio

JK Audio products help you get audio in and out of telephone systems reliably and with professional sound quality.


MINIDISC RECORDER DM-5090 INSTRUCTION MANUAL B60-3497-00 MA (M, T, C) MC 98/12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 97/12 11 10 9 8 Introduction DM-5090 (En) 2 Before applying power Units are designed for operation as follows. Caution : Read this [. . ]

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