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JK AudioJK Audio

JK Audio products help you get audio in and out of telephone systems reliably and with professional sound quality.


Simple Code Lock CircuitSimple Code Lock Circuit

This simple code lock circuit described here is of an electronic combination lock for daily use. It responds only to the roght sequence of four digits that


Quality & Lead-free (Pb-free): Packaging InformationQuality & Lead-free (Pb-free): Packaging Information

At Texas Instruments, semiconductor packaging is an integral part of the design process and strategic differentiator for our analog and embedded processing products.


PWM lamp dimmer using NE555 timer IC. Complete circuit diagram and working

Simple PWM lamp dimmer using NE555 timer IC.555 timer IC wired as variable duty cycle astable multivibrator for controlling the brightness of the lamp.


DIP switch adjusted voltage regulator

It couldn't be simpler but you have to admit that a small adjustable portable power supply like this one will be really handy. The main part of the PSU is an LM317 linear voltage regulator which we're already familiar with.


Decibel Meter Electronic Circuits

This page contains decible meter circuits, schematics or diagrams. Discovercircuits.com is your portal to free electronic circuits links. Copying content to your website is strictly prohibited!!!


Low-Power Design

Design articles, news and views for engineers designing green/low-power applications.


Amkor Technology: Semiconductor IC Test | Wafer Level Packaging | Wafer Probe | Wafer Bumping | Flip Chip | RF Design | RF Test

Amkor Technology is the world's leading supplier of outsourced semiconductor interconnect services. With over 35 years of continuous improvement, growth and innovation, Amkor has become a trusted partner for most of the world as leading semiconductor suppliers.


Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping | ThriftyFun

This guide is about circuit breaker keeps tripping. Determining the cause of the overload of the electrical circuit is essential.


Simple Soft Circuit Button


Schematics: Bistable Multi vibrator or Flip/Flop Circuits


Phase Selector (Flipper/Inverter)_Circuit Diagram World


ATXMega Primer - Embedded Lab


CircuitDB | Your online circuit repository | Page 25


audio « Dangerous Prototypes


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