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TCXO - Computers electronics

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NEL Frequency Controls: For Oscillators, Encoders, CMOS, LVDS, TCXO, VCXO, DPECL, Ultra Low Phase Noise Solutions and moreNEL Frequency Controls: For Oscillators, Encoders, CMOS, LVDS, TCXO, VCXO, DPECL, Ultra Low Phase Noise Solutions and more

NEL Frequency Controls is a technology leader in the development and manufacture of leading edge frequency control products and ultra low phase noise solutions.



SatCom/SatNav Receiver BPF BPF IF Amp BPF IF Amp I LNA Buffer Amp PLL RF/IF VCO VCO Buffer Amp Q Baseband Processor TCXO 32 KHz Crystal Also Used In the Circuit: Baluns, Capacitors, Inductors, Connectors, Gaskets, [. . . . . ]


FAQs/RAQs | ADCLK950 | Clock and Data Recovery/Retiming | Clock and Timing | Analog Devices

Applications requiring ultra low jitter performance use passive filters vs active filters as passive filters only contribute thermal noise from its components. In an active filter, input referred thermal noise and 1/f noise from transistors is increased by the gain of the circuit. This translates into more noise on the oscillator's voltage control pin which randomly frequency modulates the output signal, resulting in more phase noise. Active filters are typically used when the oscillator's(VCO/V.......


Wattmeter Counter outputWattmeter Counter output

This ERA amp is mounted on the back side of the wattmeter input card.You need to make a 10 x 10 mm pcb for this amp.


Transcendent Frequency Counter 1 Hz - 2.5 GHz with Blue 2x16 LCD displayTranscendent Frequency Counter 1 Hz - 2.5 GHz with Blue 2x16 LCD display

This is a top quality project designed to obtain maximum performance. The hardware and software has been pushed to reach the frontier of technology. The transcendent is not only a frequency counter, it is a corner stone in your successfully constructions.


Frequency CountersFrequency Counters

Frequency counter circuits, schematics or diagrams. Discovercircuits.com is your portal to free electronic circuits links. Copying content to your website is strictly prohibited!!!



Optimizing VCO PLL Evaluations & PLL Synthesizer Designs Today's mobile communications systems demand higher communication quality, higher data rates, higher frequency operation, and more channels per [. . ]


AKM Semiconductor, Mixed-Signal SemiconductorsAKM Semiconductor, Mixed-Signal Semiconductors

A leading supplier of mixed-signal integrated circuits for audio, video, networking and wireless communications.



Maxim > Design Support > Technical Documents > Application Notes > Communications Circuits > APP 4667 Maxim > Design Support > Technical Documents > Application Notes > T/E Carrier and Packetized > APP 4667 Keywords: G. 8261, [. ]


 oscillators & Crystals - EEM
oscillators & Crystals - EEM

Oscillators are active devices that generate power at a frequency determined by circuit parameters. A crystal is a solid material that vibrates at a specific frequency when energy is supplied.


Power Considerations for Accurate Real-Time Clocks - Maxim

By utilizing the new programmable temperature update time feature, an application can reduce the total current requirements of an accurate Real-Time Clock while maintaining superior timekeeping accuracy.


DS3231M ±5ppm, I²C Real-Time Clock - overview

Overview: The DS3231M is a low-cost, extremely accurate, I²C real-time clock (RTC). The device incorporates a battery input and maintains accurate timekeeping when main power to the device is interrupted.The integration of the microelectromec


Technical ArticalsTechnical Articals

Fox Electronics' broad range of crystals, oscillators, TCXOs, VCXOs, OCXOs, and filters are used worldwide, in applications ranging from wireless communications equipment and telecommunications devices, to computers and their peripherals, to instrumentation and all the way to out-of-this-world aerospace uses . frequency control device, microprocessor crystal, piezo electric device, real time clock, resonant circuit, temperature compensated, voltage compensated, ECL, HCMOS, PECL, TTL.......


SiTimes unveils new breakthrough MEMS oscillator chip | IT Eco Map & News Navigator

SiTimes unveils new breakthrough MEMS oscillator chip with no compensation circuitry


Manufacturer of High Reliability - Quartz Crystals, oscillators and Sensors

Statek Corporation - high temperature and shock quartz crystals, oscillators.


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