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R8C - Computers electronics

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Renesas Electronics to Release 16 New Product Types in R8C Lx Series of MCUs with on-chip LCD Controller and Ultra-low Power Consumption LA3A LA5A LA6.......

Four new product groups provide high performance functions such as LCD drive circuit, contributing to overall reduced system power consumption Renesas Electronics announced the release of 56 new 8-bit microcontrollers within the R8C/Lx Series. The new R8C/LAxA product groups offer ultra-low power consumption ranked among the best in the industry along with the company's high performance K0 (8-bit) and K0R (16-bit) MCUs. TheR8C/Lx MCUs comprise a total of four groups ranging from 32 to 80.......


Circuit Design Gopher: Elektor Electronics - EE Circuits Projects

One of the oldest and reputed Electronics Magazine. construction projects, computer, technology, computing, PC technology, microcontroller. Books & CD-Roms, E-blocks, Kits & Modules.R8C pages, RFID pages. This was one of the Mags along with Radio Electronics that made me a better designer. Radio Electronics was my first favorite mag. Elektor Electronics - EE Circuits Projects They also have ...........


ISYSTEM embedded development tools -ARM CORTEX, ARM7, ARM9, MPC, PPC, COLDFIRE, SH-2A, mc9s12

Get the most out of embedded development and testing! On-Chip Debugging - In-Circuit Emulation - Custom Designs - Real-time & Test Automation. JTAG/Boundary Scan iSYSTEM tools support 50 different CPU architectures, 2000+ MCUs, 150 compilers…


QP state machine frameworks for embedded systems by Quantum Leaps

Small, open source frameworks for modeling and coding UML state machines in C or C++ without big tools. Designed for real-time embedded systems, QP frameworks do everything you can expect from an RTOS, only more efficiently, plus many things an RTOS can't.


Remote-controlled Preamp with Digital Pot - ELEKTOR.com | Electronics: Microcontrollers Embedded Audio Digital Analogue Test Measurement

This circuit is a simple but high-quality preamplifier using a DS1882 digital potentiometer, a device specially designed for audio applications. .


Circuit Design Gopher - Electronic Product Development: April 2013

Product, Process and Circuit Design, Electronic Design Automation, EDA, ASIC Design, Engineering and Design Services. Manufacturing Services. R&D.


IAR KickStart Kit - Starter kits for embedded development - IAR

IAR Systems provides completely integrated starter kits for development of embedded applications based on ARM, 8051, ColdFire, R8C/M16C/M32C and AVR32.




Hyper Embedded - Microcontroller ASIC and EDA: August 2010


Hobby Hound - DIY Electronics: Elektor Electronics - Hobby Circuits Projects


The Emperor's New Amplifier

A high-end vacuum tube amplifier- my ultimate design


Hobby Hound - DIY Electronics: September 2014


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