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Pic - Computers electronics


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More links find in directory - www.electronicaenlared.com

FREE C Code and Circuits for PIC, 8051 & AVR MICRo

blitzlogic.com provide FREE C Code & circuits for 8-bit Microcontroller such as PIC, 8051 and AVR, Tools and Resources such as C Compilers, Programmers, Books, info and links for engineers, students and electronics hobbyist.


PIC and EEPROM Programmer

A full JDM programmer project that can handle PIC12, PIC16 and PIC18 family microcontrollers and some popular 24C family EEPROMs with ICSP support. PCB is also included.



Construction of a high performance morse-keyer with PIC processor, two message-memories, contest-number generation.


IC-Prog Prototype Programmer, programs : PIC16F818, 16F819, 16F630, 16F676, 12C508, 16C84, 16F84, PIC 16F877, 24C16, 24C32, 93C46, 90S1200, 59C11, 89C.......

Universal serial IC programmer for all serial programmable devices, like PIC16C48, 24C32, 25020, 93C46, 12C508, AT90S1200. AT89S53, PIC1400, 27C256, EEPROM, AVR, PICMICRO


NOPPP, the No-Parts PIC Programmer

NOPPP: the 'no-parts' PIC programmer


mikroElektronika - mikrOBasic PRo for PIC - BASIC compiler for Microchip PIC microcontroller

Program in BASIC on a PIC microcontroller easily: compiler, programmer/debugger, IDE, mikrOBasic BASIC compiler includes built-in functions, example programs, documentation.


PIC diode tester

PIC diode tester , schematic


PIC Pages - PCB Heaven

PCB Heaven! Electronic theory, schematic circuits and PIC tutorials


PIC clock

Everything you need to know how to make this futuristic digital clock


PIC PAL Video Library

How to turn a PIC into a video processor


A PIC 12F675 tutorial.

A PIC 12F675 tutorial. Learn the 12F675\'s peripherals and how to use them.


PIC Microcontroller Projects and other Electronics Stuff...

Various electronics DIY projects.


EMICROS - PIC Project #1: RS232 to I2C Adapter

Embedded Micro Software specializing in software engineering services for 68HC11, 68HC05, 8051, and Controller Area Network (CAN)


open Programmer, an open source USB programmer for PIC, ATMEL AVR, I2C-SPI-MicroWire EEPROM

Instructions and resources on how to build an USB programmer for PIC micros, I2C-SPI-MicroWire EEPROMs, ATMEL micros, I2C & SPI devices, completely open source


EEProm, PIC and GAL Programmer

Description of programmer for several chips


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