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Measure the Input Capacitance of an op Amp - Maxim Measure the Input Capacitance of an op Amp - Maxim

To measure an op amp's input capacitance, insert a large resistor in series with the op-amp input and plot the frequency response of the first-order lowpass RC filter on a network analyzer, like a Bode plot.


MT-058 MT-058

MT-058 TUTORIAL Effects of Feedback Capacitance on VFB and CFB Op Amps It is quite common to use a capacitor in the feedback loop of a VFB op amp, to shape the frequency response as in a simple single-pole lowpass filter shown in Figure 1 below. The resulting noise gain is plotted on a Bode plot to [..].......


Free Tool: TL1451 Design Calculator - TL1451CALC - TI Software Folder Free Tool: TL1451 Design Calculator - TL1451CALC - TI Software Folder

This spreadsheet provides a simple, easy-to-use solution for designing high performance DC-DC controllers using the TL1451A dual controller. It provides separate inputs for both channels and gives the user the bode plots, schematic, and BOM for the converter. User inputs must be enterred in a top-to-bottom sequence in the yellow cells, with calculations furnished in the blue cells........


Control automático: Fundamentos, Teoria y Practica: control óptimo

Fundamentos del control automático y sus aplicaciones en los procesos de producción en la industria. Temas relacionados con: sistemas, modelamiento, realimentación, etc.

http://control-automatico.blogspot.com/search/label/control %C3%B3ptimo

pdfSIMPLIS Simulation Tames Analysis of Stability, Transient Response, and Startup For DC-DC Converters

In designing linear and switch-mode power supplies, engineers have long focused on the issue of load current transient demand and its impact on the power supply’s output-voltage regulation and response characteristic. Many applications—based on ASICs, FPGAs, microprocessors and the like—have supply voltages whose levels are decreasing on an absolute basis and whose tolerance bands are decreasing on a percentage basis........



APPLICATION NOTE 90W Resonant SMPS with TEA1610 SwingChipTM AN99011 Philips Semiconductors 90W Resonant SMPS with TEA1610 SwingChipTM Application Note AN99011 Abstract This report describes a 90W Resonant Switched Mode Power Supply (ResSMPS) for a typical TV or [. . ]


6 x 6 Loop Antenna6 x 6 Loop Antenna

It uses one, six foot square, six turn loop, and is aperiodic in nature, covering the frequency range 50KHz - 5000KHz


snvp001 snvp001

Literature Number: SNVP001 Ease Power Supply Design with Design Tools by Jeff Perry, Senior Manager, WEBENCH Design Tools National Semiconductor Corp. As most electrical system design engineers [. . ]



Glossary of VCO Terms VOLTAGE CONTROLLED OSCILLATOR (VCO): This is an oscillator designed so the output frequency can be changed by applying a voltage to its [. . ]



AND8466/D NCS5650 PLC Filter Design Prepared by: Wayne Little ON Semiconductor https://onsemi.com APPLICATION NOTE Introduction Power line communications (PLC) has existed for some time since its introduction in automatic meter reading (AMR) as one of PLC's [. . ]



Phase locked loop fundamentals The basic form of a phase locked loop (PLL) consists of a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), a phase detector (PD), and [. . ]


Videos - Circuit SageVideos - Circuit Sage

Tools and links for RF/analog circuit design and analysis.


op-Amp Filter Circuit Transfer Functionop-Amp Filter Circuit Transfer Function

Hi! I've been having some trouble deriving the transfer function of the following circuit: Currently, I start by saying T(s) = -Zf(s)/Zi(s), where T(s)


PoE+ Circuit Delivers 13W to 70W for Powered Devices (PDs) - Reference Schematic - Maxim PoE+ Circuit Delivers 13W to 70W for Powered Devices (PDs) - Reference Schematic - Maxim

It is possible to implement a PoE Plus-required power level of 30 W, with the aid of an external MOSFET and a controller designed for the older standard.


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