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ADC - Computers electronics

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ABCs of ADCs Analog-to-Digital Converter Basics Nicholas Gray Data Conversion Systems Staff Applications Engineer November 24, 2003 Corrected August 13, 2004 Additional Corrections June 27, 2006 ABCs of ADCs [. . . . . ]


Thermocouple Measurements with ΔΣ ADCs Analog & Mixed-Signal sbaa134 - TI.com

Download TI Analog & Mixed-Signal technical document Thermocouple Measurements with ΔΣ ADCs.


ICL7129A, MAX7129 Low-Noise, 4 1/2 Digit, Single-Chip ADC with Multiplexed LCD Drivers

The Maxim ICL7129A/MAX7129 is a high precision monolithic 4-1/2 digit A/D converter that directly drives a multiplexed liquid crystal display. Using a novel successive integration technique, the ICL7129A/MAX7129 has a ±20, 000 count resolut


Search result for: adc block diagram :: High-Voltage-Lab.com

adc block diagram circuit diagrams. Search DIY electronic projects and circuit diagrams with descriptions. Learn electronics.


Audio ADC buffer design secrets: Interfacing to audio ADC sampling circuits

Effectively interfacing to A/D converter sampling networks can be a challenging undertaking, but undertsanding the fundamentals can help ensure a successful design.


AD7606 , AD7607 simultaneous-sampling ADCs

AD7606 , AD7607 simultaneous-sampling ADCs circuits provide the resolution and performance needed for next-generation power-line-monitoring system designs that ensure the reliable delivery of electricity to millions of people


questions about track and hold circuit in ADC

hello, everyone I have following questions about track and hold circuit. (1)What's the difference between track and hold(T/H) and sample and hold (2)ho


Tutorial on using ADC (Analog to Digital converter) unit of AVR micro controller

A simple tutorial on using ADC (Analog to Digital converter) unit of AVR micro controller illustrated using Atmega8 with circuit diagram & codes


Demystifying Delta-Sigma ADCs - Maxim

A detailed tutorial on Sigma-Delta analog-to-digital converters with an in depth discussion of over-sampling, noise shaping, and decimation filters. Included is a description of the MAX1402 and applications for Delta-Sigma converters.


1G-sample/sec, 12-bit ADC works in base stations and instrumentation - 2009-11-10 08:00:00 | EDN

Targeting applications in wireless-communications, defense, and test-and-measurement equipment, Texas Instruments recently announced the 12-bit, 1G-sample/sec ADS5400 ADC with 2. 1-GHz input bandwidth.


Datasheet - Part name start with ADC

Free datasheet, Free datasheet search, datasheets, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes, triacs, and other semiconductors.


Analog video, PAL, NTSC, HDMI, CES, SDV, SDI, DVI, HDTV, RGB, CRT, CIE, gamma, luma, chroma, -40 IRE, CVBS, 6MHz, S-Video, ED, VESA, Vpeak, ADC, DAC, .......

Analog video signal requirements and input / output circuit design for S-Video, Component Video, professional G'B'R' video and computer R'G'B' systems, including amplifier and filter design.



Many of today’s high-resolution ADCs (Analog-to-Digital Converters) are operating from a single supply and utilize fully differential inputs. This can be a problem for singleended signals that are bipolar relative to common. This article will illustrate circuit configurations that will preserve the full-scale input range by utilizing modern features, such as Programmable Gain Amplifiers (PGAs) and internal voltage reference........


Understanding ADC Noise for Small and Large Signal Inputs for Receiver Applications - Maxim

This application note describes the relationship between noise and large-signal and noise and small-signal inputs for digital receivers.


USo DEL ADC CON PIC16F887 - ENCENDER LEDs | Electrónica & Robótica

Blog personal con temas de: Electrónica, Robotica, Microcontroladores, Circuitos, Tutoriales y Mucho Mas. (por MrChunckuee)


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