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+3V +3V 13 U1F 12 NC BATTERY TWO AA CELLS + + 10uF +3V +3V 74HC04 11 U1E 10 NC 74HC04 9 U1D 0. 1 7 8 NC STANDBY CURRENT = 5uA 200K [. . ]


DIY Audio Easter EggDIY Audio Easter Egg

Audio Easter Egg, The Audio Easter Egg is great for treasure hunts, games or just a fun novelty. It emits a chick sounding chirp at delayed intervals and is built into any plastic egg


pdfWireless LED Flasher 1

+3V - 6V COIL DRAIN = 27mA AT 5V + 10uF C1 0. 1 C2 14 3 4 74HC04 5 4. 7M R1 A1 1 0. 001uF C3 [. . ]

http://discovercircuits.com/DJ-Circuits/Wireless LED Flasher 1.pdf

1.5V LED Flasher Circuits1.5V LED Flasher Circuits

Some 1.5 v LED flasher circuits are available on the internet and we like to present you four of them. The flasher circuits below operate on a single 1.5



Maxim > Design Support > Technical Documents > Application Notes > Power-Supply Circuits > APP 1071 Keywords: charge pump, charge-pump doubler, negative supply, digital-to-analog converter , DAC, voltage output DAC, sensor bias, LCD contrast bias, voltage-controlled [. ]



Volume 45, Number 4, 2011 A forum for the exchange of circuits, systems, and software for real-world signal processing In This Issue 2 Editors' Notes and Product [. . ]


pdfTema 3 Circuitos combinatorios 2008 BYN

Circuitos Combinatorios Introducción a los Sistemas Lógicos y Digitales 2008 Sergio Noriega ­ Introducción a los Sistemas Lógicos y Digitales - 2008 Circuitos Combinatorios COMPUERTA AND (4 AND 2) Ejemplo: [. . . . . ]

http://catedra.ing.unlp.edu.ar/electrotecnia/islyd/Tema 3 Circuitos combinatorios 2008 BYN.pdf

How to build 1.5 Volt LED Flashers - circuit diagram

The LED flasher circuits below operate on a single 1.5 volt battery. The circuit on the upper right uses the popular LM3909 LED flasher IC and requires only a timing capacitor and LED.


NT7506 datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits 128 X 129 RAM-Map LCD Controller/Driver

NT7506 datasheet, NT7506 Pinout Pin out, NT7506 application circuits can be download from datasheetdir


Inverter circuit

I've done some research and it appears that the best solution for my project is to use some form of an inverter IC. What i'm trying to do is use more than 1 IR receiver on 1 input pin. As i've said in other posts i'm a bit of an electronics noob (but learning quickly and enjoying it!). The IR RX seems to drop low when it detects anything which makes it harder to connect multiple sensors together and 'drop to low' when any of them detect an IR signal. . So my thoughts were to somehow.......


Computerize Your Room/House


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1.5 Volt LED Flashers Circuit - The Circuit


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