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16x2 lcd - Computers electronics

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Interfacing 16x2 LCD with 8051 microcontroller. LCD module theory, circuit diagram and program in assembly languageInterfacing 16x2 LCD with 8051 microcontroller. LCD module theory, circuit diagram and program in assembly language

Interfacing 16x2 alphanumeric LCD module with AT89S51 microcontroler. Circuit diagram, theory and program. JHD162 lcd module pinout and commands



Interfacing and programming LCD display in 4 bit 8 bit mode with 8051 AT89S52 microcontroller. Embedded system design schematic of interfacing diagrams


LCD 16x2


How to transmit/send data to LCD from PC using UART-of-PIC16F628AHow to transmit/send data to LCD from PC using UART-of-PIC16F628A

Explains how to transmit data from personal computer(PC) to 16x2 LCD using UART of PIC16F628A micro controller. Well explained using circuit diagram and C program.



LCD-09393: This is the latest evolution of our serial LCD. Included on a single board is a 16x2 LCD and an embedded circuit based around a PIC 16F88. The on-board PIC


Project 22 - LED Dot Matrix Display - Pong Game

After downloading the LedControl library and extracting it into the Arduino library folder, I uploaded the very simple program for project 22 to my Arduino. The only modification I made to the circuit built in Project 21 was adding the single potentiometer. . . mine is a 5k instead of the 10k specified which seems to make the .......


Digital Temperature, Humidity Meter Using Arduino

In our previous article, we learned how to interface temperature humidity sensor with arduino and read out displayed on serial monitor of arduino IDE. In this post we are going to learn how to display the reading on a 16x2 LCD display for the proposed digital temperature/humidity meter using Arduino. By: Girish RadhakrishnanThis project may be used as room thermometer as well as humidity meter, since both the functionality is integrated into one sensor. If you haven?t read the previous article y.......


Arduino Controlled Water Boiler and Warmer / Thermo Pot

I have an electric water boiler and warmer AKA thermo pot which was struck by lightning. The circuit board was heavily damaged beyond repair. But the good news is all other parts such as heating elements, DC motor pump and temperature sensor still OK. So this is how the project start.......


Serial LCD for Low Pin-Count PIC Microcontrollers using 74HC595 Shift Register

IntroductionHD44780 based character LCD displays are very popular among hobbyists. They are easy to interface with microcontrollers and most of the present day high-level compilers have in-built routines for them. However, the bad part is at least 6 I/O pins of microcontroller are required to use them in your project. Therefore, they are not applicable for 8-pin devices like PIC12F series microchips. The aim of this project is to allow LCD interfacing to such devices using 3-wires. I am going to.......


Mini Weather Station Using Arduino

 In this post we are going to construct an interesting Arduino based mini weather station project, which can show you ambient temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality and much more data from your surroundings, which can be used to predict weather from home.                    By Girish RadhakrishnanIf you are interested in meteorology this project might come in handy for studying about local weather conditions and short term changes. The proposed project is solid state design, which means no.......



Video showing the characters displayed on lcd using 89s52 A static message can be displayed on a 16x2 LCD by interfacing it to the microcontroller (AT89C51). The same message can also be displayed with certain animated effects like moving, blinking etc. This topic explains how to create dynamic effects with the text displayed in LCD. A string or message can be displaced on LCD by sending its characters to data register after configuring the command register of LCD. To create dynamic effects, a s.......


Transcendent Frequency Counter 1 Hz - 2.5 GHz with Blue 2x16 LCD displayTranscendent Frequency Counter 1 Hz - 2.5 GHz with Blue 2x16 LCD display

This is a top quality project designed to obtain maximum performance. The hardware and software has been pushed to reach the frontier of technology. The transcendent is not only a frequency counter, it is a corner stone in your successfully constructions.


LCD V-A meterLCD V-A meter

Multimeter, Volt Amper meter ATtiny26, Power Supply - Multimeter (V-A meter), usmernik.


Tutorial on Character LCD DisplaysTutorial on Character LCD Displays

A note on technical specifications of LCD character displays, block diagrams, 8/4 bit LCD interfacing with micro controller & LCD initialization flow chart


Paul's Free 8051 Tools, Code and ProjectsPaul's Free 8051 Tools, Code and Projects

Free 8051 microcontroller resources, PAULMON - Easy To Use Monitor Program, AS31 Assembler, Development Circuit Board Design, Code Library (ASM). Free resources to help you with your 8051-based projects.


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