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Pursuing Accurate, Reliable Vibration Sensing for Condition-Based Predictive Maintenance | Sensors

Condition-based predictive maintenance uses the vibrations of machinery to diagnose its health. This article considers the characteristics of an ideal vibration sensor for this purpose and introduce the ADIS16227 integrated industrial vibration monitor.


Inside Look: AdvaMed Pursuing a Six-Point Plan for Success | MDDI Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry News Products and Suppliers

For the final Inside Look of 2011, we're turning the spotlight on two of industry's biggest advocacy groups: AdvaMed and MDMA. Read on to get the scoop on AdvaMed, or learn more about how MDMA's year went.   2011 Highlights October: Korea Free Trade Agreement signed.AdvaMed applauds the measure when it is passed in October........


ColtTech - Custom Electronic Design

ColtTech is a key partner in the success of our customers, suppliers and employees while pursuing excellence in custom electronic design and printed circuit board fabrication.


Making PCB using Toner transfer method

Making a PCB is very simple; it does not consume a lot of time and the results look professional. After reading this How-To and watching the step by step video, you will be able to make your own PCB in your workshop using just a few inexpensive materials. Many people use protoboard and point-to-point wire everything, but needing multiple copies of the same circuit is the reason that forces many away from using protoboard.After making your first circuit board, you might not point-to-point wire an.......



statistical process control. key to competitive manufacturing In today's tough world market environment, the need to be better is more demanding, and the need to be [. . ]



statistical process control. key to competitive manufacturing In today's tough world market environment, the need to be better is more demanding, and the need to be [. . ]



___________________________________ Audio Engineering Society Convention Paper 5395 Presented at the 110th Convention 2001 May 12­15 Amsterdam, The Netherlands This convention paper has been reproduced from the author's advance manuscript, [. . ]


Low Power Square Wave Inverter Circuit using CD4047

A simple low cost square wave inverter circuit using CD4047 which can be used to drive resistive loads up to 100W. CD4047 is wired as astable multivibrator.


Spintronics-based logic LSI for text search reduces power consumption : Press Releases | NEC

Tohoku University and NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE 6701) have developed a prototype chip for text search systems using spintronics-based logic integrated circuit technology.


TI Partners with Texas A&M to Tackle Tough Circuit-Stability Solution - Around TI - Blogs - TI E2E Community

Ask questions, share knowledge, explore ideas, and help solve problems with fellow engineers and TI experts.


Corporate Citizenship Report - News - Empowering women to lead

TI's 2010 Corporate Citizenship Report provides a comprehensive view of our social and environmental performance in fiscal year 2010.


Direct Current Circuits for Solar Panels | The Energy Collective

Do you have a solar system at the home? An electric car in your drive way? Smart phones, tablets, game consoles and other electronics proliferating in your home?


Turn off a electrical circuit (plug) when water is detected.

Question Tagged: Home Improvement Electrical Wiring Dehumidifier Diy, Replies: 20


Members - Circuit Sage

Tools and links for RF/analog circuit design and analysis.



IC 555 timer IC police siren circuit. NE555 IC can be used in many ways as Multivibrators one of the important applications is Alarm circuits. NE555 works efficiently and it has many applications. See IC 555 Timer IC uses here.


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