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AD Converter | DA Converter | Analog to Digital Converter | Digital to Analog Converter | Data Converter | TI.com

TI\'s industry-leading data converter portfolio includes 12-bit to 18-bit SAR ADCs, 16-bit to 32-bit delta-sigma ADCs, 10-bit to 16-bit pipeline ADCs, and 8-bit to 20-bit DACs with unique features to help differentiate your designs.

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Understanding SAR ADCs: Their Architecture and Comparison with other ADCs - Maxim

Article explains the basics of successive-approximation-register (SAR) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). Article contrasts a SAR ADC with pipeline, flash, and sigma-delta ADCs.

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LiteSpeed Load Balancer

LiteSpeed Load Balancer (LSLB) is a high-performance, content-aware, session-aware HTTP application load balancer. It can forward requests based on request content as well as session stickiness preference. LiteSpeed Load Balancer can help scale your application beyond one server deployment, as well as improve the reliability of your service in case of hardware failures. We offer 15-day risk free trials and a 30-day money back guarantee. FeaturesHTTP/1. 1, HTTP/1. 0 backward compatibleSupports HT.......

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Volume Thirty-Three IN-DEPTH ARTICLE DESIGN SHOWCASE Pipeline A/D converters come of age Low-cost step-up/step-down converter accepts 2V to 16V inputs Visible-laser driver has digitally controlled power and modulation High-voltage circuit breaker protects to 26V Dual comparator forms temperature-compensated proximity detector 3 10 11 13 15 NEW PRODUCTS Data Converters · Multirange, +5V, 12-bit DASs have 2-wire serial interface · +5V, 2.2Msps, [..].......

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Data Conversion - Linear Technology

Data converters translate real world signals such as temperature, pressure, or voice into the digital realm and back again. Linear Technology\'s high performance analog to digital converters (ADCs) offer solutions for applications ranging from 24-bit precision measurements to 250Msps communications systems. Our a to d topologies include delta sigma, SAR (successive approximation register) adc, and high speed pipeline analog to digital. Our digital to analog converters (DACs) offer a range of.......

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AD9204 datasheet and product info | 10-Bit, 20 MSPS/40 MSPS/65 MSPS/80 MSPS, 1.8 V Dual Analog-to-Digital Converter | Analog to Digital Converters | A.......

The AD9204 is a monolithic, dual-channel, 1. 8 V supply, 10-bit, 20 MSPS/40 MSPS/65 MSPS/80 MSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC). It features a high performance sample-and-hold circuit and on-chip voltage reference. The product uses multistage differential pipeline architecture with output error correction logic to provide 10-bit accuracy at 80 MSPS data rates and to guarantee no missing.......

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19-1190; Rev 0; 3/97 KIT ATION EVALU BLE AVAILA 10-Bit, 40Msps, TTL-Output ADC ____________________________Features o o o o o o Monolithic 40Msps Converter On-Chip Track/Hold Bipolar, ±2V Analog Input [. . ]

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ADC14L040 14-Bit, 40 MSPS, 235 mW A/D Converter March 2006 ADC14L040 14-Bit, 40 MSPS, 235 mW A/D Converter General Description The ADC14L040 is a low power monolithic CMOS analogto-digital [. . . . . ]

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A Glossary of Analog-to-Digital Specifications and Performance Characteristics (Rev. B) Analog & Mixed-Signal sbaa147b - TI.com

Download TI Analog & Mixed-Signal technical document A Glossary of Analog-to-Digital Specifications and Performance Characteristics (Rev. B).

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Analog Devices ADIS16209 High Accuracy, Dual-Axis Digital Inclinometer: SPI LabVIEW FPGA IP - Developer Zone - National Instruments

This document outlines how to use the Analog Device ADIS16209 High Accuracy, Dual-Axis Digital Inclinometer Evaluation Board with LabVIEW FPGA implementation of the SPI (Serial Per.

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A Glossary of Analog-to-Digital Specifications and Performance Characteristics (Rev. B), sbaa147b - TI.com

Download TI technical document A Glossary of Analog-to-Digital Specifications and Performance Characteristics (Rev. B).

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Frequently Asked Questions about Data Converters - Tutorial - Maxim

FAQ/glossary of data converter terms/concepts. Discusses: what is an ADC, DAC, Nyquist, charge injection; techniques for digital filtering; serial port, I2C, SPI interfaces; bit banging; MICROWIRE, PC board layout.

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Analog-to-Digital Converters (and Sample-and-Holds) - Maxim

Product families utilize sigma-delta, SAR, pipeline, and flash architectures to deliver resolutions from 6 bits to 24 bits and sampling rates from DC to 4. 3Gsps

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The SIGNAL CHAIN BASICS series Part 1: Operational Amplifier--The Basic Building Block, http://www.planetanalog.com/features/showArticle. jhtml;?articleID=202801320 Part 2: Op Amp--Basic operations, http://www.planetanalog.com/features/showArticle. jhtml;?articleID=203101699 Part 3: Analog and the digital world, [. . ].......

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