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Adaptive Cell Converter Topology Enables Constant Efficiency in PFC Applications

Power Factor Corrected AC rectification has been addressed in a variety of ways over the past three decades; however, the wide variation of worldwide AC line has imposed significant design trade-offs. This paper explains how the Vicor PFM converter represents a breakthrough by analyzing the converter structure at three different levels of detail: in a classic bottom-up approach, three different “magnification factors” will be applied to the same structure.

CAUTION: This equipment operates at high voltages and currents which can result in hazardous electrical shock. Please make sure you understand and follow all necessary safety precautions prior to purchasing and operating. The High Voltage Bridgeless PFC Developer's Kit uses a Piccolo microcontroller to control a 300W high efficiency BRIDGELESS PFC stage. Additions to this EVM include a fast Feed Forward (FF) control loop based on half cycle RMS measurement of the AC line. This control loop offer.......

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PFC Circuit

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ADP1048 600W Power PFC Evaluation Board | Analog Devices

The evaluation board features an interleaved boost PFC topology operating at 100KHz switching frequency. Its output is rated at deliver 385V, 600W with a universal AC input ranging from 85-265V. The board features the ADP1048 digital controller for offering power factor correction and accurate AC power metering. It also provides protection features like AC line fault protection, OCP and OVP........

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FL7930B PDF Datasheet Single-Stage Flyback and Boundary-Mode PFC Controller for Lighting

The FL7930B is an active power factor correction (PFC) controller for boost PFC applications that operate in critical conduction mode (CRM). It uses a voltage-mode PWM that compares an internal ramp signal with the error amplifier output to generate a MOSFET turn-off signal. Because the voltage-mode CRM PFC controller does not need rectified AC line voltage information, it saves the power loss of an input voltage sensing network necessary for a current-mode CRM PFC controller.
FL7930B provid.......

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UPDATED: LT3799 - Offline Isolated Flyback LED Controller with Active PFC

The LT3799 is an isolated flyback controller with power factor correction specifically designed for driving LEDs. The controller operates using critical conduction mode allowing the use of a small transformer. Using a novel current sensing scheme, the controller is able to deliver a well regulated current to the secondary side without using an opto-coupler. A strong gate driver is included to drive an external high voltage MOSFET. Utilizing an onboard multiplier, the LT3799 typically achieves po.......

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AC/DC Isolated Power Supply with PFC > 90W - Block Diagrams, Reference Designs and Recommended Products

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Achieving High-power PFC Control in Half the Space | July 30, 2014 | IHS GlobalSpec Events

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AN10932 120 V high power factor dimmable CFL with UBA2014 Rev. 2 -- 17 January 2011 Application note Document information Info Keywords Abstract Content CFL, high power factor, free running PFC, triac, dimmable, [. . ]

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AeroPowerTM Power Factor Correction Capacitors Single-PHASe And THree-PHASe PFC CAPACiTorS For HigH reliAbiliTy APPliCATionS Intelligent Capacitor Solutions AeroPowerTM power factor correction capacitors are constructed using high quality materials [. . . . . ]

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Power Supply Tutorial- SMPSPower Supply Tutorial- SMPS

A tutorial on SMPS power supply unit: how it works and how to design. Provides basic concepts, theory of operation, circuit diagram, explanation of PFC (power factor correction) and switching mode technology, as well as a list of useful design tools.

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pdfAN-4107 Application Note AN4107 Design of Power Factor Correction Using FAN7527 1. Introduction The FAN7527 is an active power factor correction(PFC) controller for boost PFC application which operates in [. ]

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