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Arduino Modular Synthesizer - Part One

The RC Arduino site has featured a number of Audio projects recently, and while they all produce very different sounds they all use the same basic technique to generate their sound.With this in mind an obvious development of these projects would be a modular synthesizer which allows the user to easily combine the techniques used by individual projects to produce new instruments. Modular SynthesizerA modular synthesizer is traditionally a large analogue device often including a mix and match of v.......


Circuit SectorCircuit Sector

This blog deals with many electronic circuits and tips for students as well as hobbyists with circuit diagram and description


Circuit SectorCircuit Sector

This blog deals with many electronic circuits and tips for students as well as hobbyists with circuit diagram and description



AND8317 Board Mounting Considerations for ULLGA Packages Prepared by: Phillip Celaya ON Semiconductor http://onsemi.com Introduction Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design Ultra Leadframe Land Grid Array (ULLGA) packages are often the package of choice for [. . ]


E-Zine of Computer Controlled Systems PC104 PC/104 ISA STD Bus STD32 PCI cPCI VXI VXIbusE-Zine of Computer Controlled Systems PC104 PC/104 ISA STD Bus STD32 PCI cPCI VXI VXIbus

E-Zine of Computer Controlled Systems, STD bus, PC/104, CPCI, PCI bus, CompactPCI, VXI bus, ISA bus products, vendors, news, jobs, and technical information



M54HC273 M74HC273 OCTAL D TYPE FLIP FLOP WITH CLEAR . . . . . . . . HIGH SPEED fMAX = 67 MHz (TYP. ) AT VCC = 5 [. . ]


Arius - Embedded Signal Processing Solutions for PC/104 DSP

PC104C31, PC104C67 and PC104C55, PC/104 based DSP boards featuring the TMS320C31, TMS320C6711 and TMS320C5510 digital signal processors and FPGA IO. Daughter boards provide analog and digital I/O.


Data Acquisition (DAQ) from Measurement Computing

Measurement Computing is a leader in low priced data acquisition DAQ and control including USB DAQ, PCI DAQ, Ethernet, wireless, and data loggers


Tri-M Technologies Inc. - Engineered Solutions for Embedded Applications

Tri-M Technologies Inc. provides hardware and turnkey solutions for embedded systems, specializing in PC/104 products


R.L.C. XScale PXA270 Made Easy

Application Ready XScale PXA270 Embedded Windows CE Computers and Controllers. LCD Touch Screens and Add-On I/O Modules.


Simplifying Medical System Design with PC/104 Modules | Medical Electronics Design

A Medical Electronics Manufacturing Fall 1997 Feature EMBEDDED PCs Rick Lehrbaum Embedded computer-­compatible architecture can decrease development time and cost of medical products. Today's medical equipment designers face a dazzling set of opportunities, both technological and logistical.


Wien-Bridge oscillator Using Incandescent lamp Stabilizer | Circuit Diagram

Incandescent lamp has been used to reduce harmonic distortion in sine oscillator circuit. The nonlinear resistance characteristic of the lamp filament help the


New Products: March 2013 | Circuit Cellar

Universal PCB Test System The ABI BoardMaster 8000 PLUS is a versatile, self-contained, and easy-to-use PCB test system. The system, which is manufactured by


1-20V 10A adjustable dc power supply by LM338 | Eleccircuit.com

1. 2V-20V 10A adjustable dc power supply by LM338 A friend of me side radio amateur office. He wants Variable Regulate Power Supply high current about 10A go


AT89C52 Parallel Interface to ICL7135 - delabs

delabs is a web service for electronic product and circuit design. There are over 300 circuit diagrams and documents which are maintained as a free reference resource for hobbyists, students, professionals and engineers.


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