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V+ WITH 3KHz MOD WITH 74HC00 1mA @ 5V 530uA @ 4.5V WITH 3KHz MOD WITH 4011 220uA @ 5V 200uA @ 4.5V 170uA @ 4V 158uA [. . ]



Volume 45, Number 4, 2011 A forum for the exchange of circuits, systems, and software for real-world signal processing In This Issue 2 Editors' Notes and Product [. . ]


pdfTema 3 Circuitos combinatorios 2008 BYN

Circuitos Combinatorios Introducción a los Sistemas Lógicos y Digitales 2008 Sergio Noriega ­ Introducción a los Sistemas Lógicos y Digitales - 2008 Circuitos Combinatorios COMPUERTA AND (4 AND 2) Ejemplo: [. . . . . ]

http://catedra.ing.unlp.edu.ar/electrotecnia/islyd/Tema 3 Circuitos combinatorios 2008 BYN.pdf

Question on the Plants Watering Watcher circuit

Free Electronic projects, schematics, diagramms, pcb, free electronic software and hobbilist electronics resources, electronic community and much more


Four-Channel oscilloscope Adaptor | EEWeb | Four-channel-oscilloscope-adaptor| EEWeb

This circuit enables you to display four signals simultaneously using only one channel of your oscilloscope. Essentially, it switches each of the inputs t


Question on the Plants Watering Watcher circuit

Free Electronic projects, schematics, diagramms, pcb, free electronic software and hobbilist electronics resources, electronic community and much more


How to build Digital Clock with Timer and Solar Panel Regulator - circuit diagram

This is a combination digital clock timer and solar panel charge controller used to maintain a deep cycle battery from a solar panel. The timer output is used to control a 12 volt load for a 32 minute time interval each day.


Bugdozer's Autonomous Motherboard - Robot Room

Autonomous means that the robot can control herself. Bugdozer uses a 68HC08 microcontroller to pulse-width modulate the DC motors, uses analog-to-digital converters to read the phototransistor line sensors, and up to 32 kilobytes of FLASH / 512 bytes of RAM to execute attack strategies.



Electrónica Digital - FAMILIAS LÓGICAS TTL (transistor-transistor-logic; LS: Low power Schottky) 7408 ­ 74LS08 cuádruple AND ­ 2 entradas 7400 ­ 74LS00 cuádruple NAND ­ 2 entradas 7432 ­ 74LS32 cuádruple OR ­ 2 entradas 7402 ­ 74LS02 cuádruple NOR ­ 2 entradas 7404 ­ 74LS04 sextuple NOT 7414 o 74LS14 sextuple NOT Schmitt-trigger 74132 cuádruple NAND Schmitt-trigger ­ 2 ent 4093 cuádruple NAND Schmitt-trigger ­ 2 ent CMOS (Complementary Metal-OxideSemiconductor) 4081 cuádruple AND ­ 2 entradas 40.......


Atmel 89C2051 In-Circuit Programmer

A simple in-circuit programmer that make it easier to develop projects using the 89C2051 chip


pdfInstrumentation Applications for a Monolithic Oscillator

Oscillators are fundamental circuit building blocks. A substantial percentage of electronic apparatus utilize oscillators, either as timekeeping references, clock sources, for excitation or other tasks. The most obvious oscillator application is a clock source in digital systems.1 A second area is instrumentation. Transducer circuitry, carrier based amplifiers, sine wave formation, filters, interval generators and data converters all utilize different forms of oscillators. Although various techn.......


How to build -SimpleMouse- Smartcardprogrammer (circuit diagram)


CircuitDB | Your online circuit repository | Page 21


Computerize Your Room/House


CIRCUITO 7400 TTL, USOS, EJEMPLOS Y FOTOS. ? Electrónica: teoría y práctica


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