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pdfBroadband Video over Twisted Pair Cabling By Paul Kish Director

Broadband Video over Twisted Pair Cabling By Paul Kish Director, IBDN Systems & Standards NORDX/CDT December 2002 Introduction Over the last 10 years we have seen some tremendous advances in the manufacturing technology of [. . ]

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Tiny twisted-pair transmission line solves test-fixture woes | EDN

EDN is a leading source for reliable electronics design ideas, articles, how to articles and teardowns. Read for the latest information on analog design, automotive design, communications and networking design, consumer electronics design, integrated circuit design, LED design, medical electronics design, electronics power management design, sensor design, electronic systems design, and electronics test and measurement........

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Super-Simple Coax to Twisted-Pair Adapter_Circuit Diagram World

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IN GND OUT TOP VIEW +2. 6V 78L02 OUT IN GND + 4. 7uF + 4. 7uF +5V TWISTED SHIELDED PAIR +5V GND +5V PHOTODIODE 0.5cm X 0.5cm +5V 10K R1 2 3 10K [. . ]

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Maxim > App Notes > INTERFACE CIRCUITS Keywords: RS-485, rs485, EIA/TIA-485, differential data, network wiring, balanced line, common-mode rejection, CMR noise cancellation, EMI, twisted pair, [. . ]

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How To Connect Two Computers Using Modems | EEWeb | How-to-connect-two-computers-using-modems| EEWeb

Have you ever connected two PCs together via modems using a twisted pair cable and nothing happened? That's because the modems are expecting a phone line

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Full Duplex Audio Line Circuit

This full duplex audio line circuit enables two audio signals in opposing directions to flow simultaneously through a common twisted pair line. And it does

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Maxim > Design Support > Technical Documents > Application Notes > Amplifier and Comparator Circuits > APP 4542 Maxim > Design Support > Technical Documents > Application Notes > Temperature Sensors and Thermal Management > APP 4542 Keywords: temperature measurements, IC temperature sensors, temperature-to-period converters, comparators, twisted-pair cable APPLICATION NOTE 4542 Long Twisted Pair Reads Digital Temperature [..].......

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AD8145 datasheet and product info | High Speed, Triple Differential Receiver with Comparators | Video Amps/Buffers/Filters | Analog Devices

The AD8145 is a triple, low cost, differential-to-single-ended receiver specifically designed for receiving red-green-blue (RGB) video signals over twisted pair cable or differential printed circuit board (PCB) traces. It can also be used to receive any type of analog signal or high speed data transmission. Two auxiliary comparators with hysteresis are provided that can be used to decode video.......

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pdfDesigning RS-485 Circuits

FEATURE ARTICLE Jan Axelson you use prebuilt cards or converters, understanding the options will help you choose the right product and configure it to get the best results for your application. RS-485 IN [. . ]

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pdfIsolated RS485 Transceiver Breaks Ground Loops

The RS485 interface standard is designed to handle a –7V to 12V input signal range; however, in practical systems, ground potentials vary widely from node to node, often exceeding the specified range.

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pdf10-20-11 design ideas

PAGE 1 · OCTOBER 2009 FEATURE ARTICLE www.mPdiGEsT. COm RF and Microwave Transformer Fundamentals by Mini-Circuits Introduction The purpose of this application note is to describe the fundamentals of RF [. . ]

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How RF Transformers Work Applications for RF transformers RF transformers are widely used in electronic circuits for : q Impedance matching to achieve maximum power transfer [. . ]

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Remote Tester CircuitRemote Tester Circuit

A simple Remote tester to check all types of Remote hand sets. This simple remote tester can be a good tool to check whether a remote hand set is workin

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Computer Cables ProjectsComputer Cables Projects

Computer cables circuits, schematics or diagrams. is your portal to free electronic circuits links. Copying content to your website is strictly prohibited!!!

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