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Voltage reference

Voltage Reference Electronic Circuits

Voltage reference circuits, electronic schematics or diagrams. Discovercircuits.com is your portal to free electronic circuits links.

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What is a Zener Diode - Voltage Reference » Electronics Notes

A summary of the basics of what is a Zener diode, how they can be used to provide a stable reference voltage, some simple Zener diode circuits and Zener diode markings.

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portable voltage reference

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Zener Voltage Regulator: Ciruits Details » Electronics Notes

Tutorial, information overview of the basics of the zener voltage regulator circuits and the way in which a zener diode can be used to provide a reference voltage in an electronics power supply.

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Circuit - 1uS LIGHT PULSE RECEIVER PLUS POST AMP- Circuits designed by David A. Johnson, P.E.

This circuit is designed to detect very weak light pulses lasting 1uS. It uses a tuned LC feedback network to provide high sensitivity while giving high ambient light immunity. A post voltage amplifier is included with a gain of about X20. The circuit is described in more detail in the receiver section of my Handbook of Optical Through the Air Communications. Note: The LF357 op amp is no longer available, this circuit is for reference only........

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Wireless On-Off Switch Circuit

Descriptio Normally home appliances are controlled by means of switches, sensors, etc. However, physical contact with switches may be dangerous if there is any shorting. The circuit described here requires no physical contact for operating the appliance. You just need to move your hand between the infrared LED (D2) and the phototransistor (Q1). The infrared rays transmitted by D2 is detected by the phototransistor to activate the hidden lock, flush system, hand dryer or else. This circuit is ver.......

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Basic DC Theory


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Beat Balance Metal Detector

A Beat Balance Metal Detector made from discrete components. Interesting design.

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Voltage to Frequency converter circuit using 9400 IC with pin configurations

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LDO Voltage Regulator Uses Regenerative Amplifier If an integrated circuit low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulator that exactly meets your needs is not available, you can make your [. . ]

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Simple 12V to 24V DC DC converter using LM324 and transistor

A simple 12V to 24V dc dc converter circuit with diagram built around LM324. This boost converter with schematic can provide up to 800mA output current and a steady 24V DC.

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Amplifiers Audio Electronic Circuits diagrams Schematics Projects :: Next.gr

Electronic amplifier Circuits and schematics. This index has a wide collection of Audio amplifiers circuits or schematics, that can be very useful for the enginner or the student who need a circuit or schematic for reference or information for a project.

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Digital Voltmeter

Digital Voltmeter

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Precision Receiver Battery Low Voltage Alarm

Precision Receiver Battery Low Voltage Alarm, schematic

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15W Triple output DC to DC power module circuit

This paper presents a UC3843 control multiple small power DC / DC power module detailed design process, focusing on the design of multiple-output power modules and single output of the different details of the DC / DC power modules in the new common UC3843 chip design of the external circuit parameters are given multiple-output module power transformers and coupled inductors in the design process and meet the performance indicators should be noted that a variety of issues........

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