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Circuit - MICRo POWER 40KHz BURST LASER DIODE DRIVER - Circuits designed by David A. Johnson, P.E.Circuit - MICRo POWER 40KHz BURST LASER DIODE DRIVER - Circuits designed by David A. Johnson, P.E.

Some laser tag or simulated combat games can use this circuit to send short bursts of modulated laser light at the opponent's vest, equipped with a matching light receiver. The circuit operates from three 1.5v cells (4.5v) that should provide enough energy for about 200, 000 shots.

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Category: Power supplies Line Power Supply This circuit provides a regulated output without a power transformer. It is similar to common circuits, except that a zener diode [. . ]

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Line Power Supply by Andrew R. Morris

This circuit provided a regulated output without a power transformer. It is similar to common circuits, except that a zener diode is replaced with an SCR. This is far more robust against line voltages surges than a zener diode version, plus there is no heat generation. Circuit designed by Andrew R. Morris, all rights reserved.Discovercircuits.com is your portal to free electronic circuits links........

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Ignition Coil Buzz Box Circuit

Description Here's a circuit to create a buzzcoil using a standard automotive ignition coil. A 556 dual timer is used to establish the frequency and duty cycle of the coil current. One of the timers is used as an oscillator to generate the 200 Hz rectangular waveform needed to control the (IRF740 MOSFET) while the second timer switches the oscillator on and off as the breaker points open and close (closed = on). The result is a steady stream of sparks from the ignition coil spaced about 5 millis.......

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Diode Circuits - Jose Pino's Projects and Tidbits.Diode Circuits - Jose Pino's Projects and Tidbits.

A collection of simple but useful circuits made with silicon diodes. (6/14/2006)

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12 Volt Battery Monitor Circuit with LM3914 - Storage12 Volt Battery Monitor Circuit with LM3914 - Storage

Accurately monitor battery voltage with LM3914 LED bar graph driver

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Category: Motor controls Motor Speed Regulator This circuit regulates the speed of a small drill motor I use for PC board work. It is much handier for [. . ]

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1 - 9V Variable Desktop Power Supply - Schematic Design1 - 9V Variable Desktop Power Supply - Schematic Design

Variable desktop power supply which will convert a high input voltage (12V) from the SMPS / PSU of a desktop computer into small output voltage (1. 25 to 9 volts). This converter will be very beneficial for electronics hobbyists.

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Line Powered White LEDs

Description The LED circuit below is an example of using 25 white LEDs in series connected to the 120VAC line. It can be modified for more or less LEDs by adjusting the resistor value. The exact resistance will depend on the particular LEDs used.But working out the resistor value is a bit complicated since current will not continously flow through the resistor. In operation, the output of the bridge rectifier will be about 120 DC RMS or 170 volts peak. If we use 25 white LEDs with a forward volt.......

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Black LightBlack Light

Black Light, schematics

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How to build 25W Mosfet audio amplifier (circuit diagram)

25w audio mosfet amplifier, circuit diagram, electronic project

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Amplifier Circuits: IF Intermediate frequency

Amplifier Circuits: IF Intermediate frequency.

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15W Triple output DC to DC power module circuit

This paper presents a UC3843 control multiple small power DC / DC power module detailed design process, focusing on the design of multiple-output power modules and single output of the different details of the DC / DC power modules in the new common UC3843 chip design of the external circuit parameters are given multiple-output module power transformers and coupled inductors in the design process and meet the performance indicators should be noted that a variety of issues........

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555 ON 24v Circuit

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