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Solid State Power Controller electronic circuit diagram

The ckt is built around two 555 timer ICs. U1 and U2. U1 is wired as a variable duty cycle oscillator with a constant time period of around 0. 1 second.Duty cycle can be varied from 0 to 100 per cent by R4 potentiometer.

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Simple Pulse Generator by IC 555 Timer | Eleccircuit.com

This is a simple pulse generator circuit or standard astable oscillator circuit for IC 555 timer, NE555N IC. Use for

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Simple Pulse Generator by IC 555 Timer | Eleccircuit.com

This is a simple pulse generator circuit or standard astable oscillator circuit for IC 555 timer, NE555N IC. Use for

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DIY Musical Keyboard oakkar7, another Blog

The idea is to design and construct an electronic musical keyboard with some functions, effects etc, . This is my old school project and I remake and modified it. It is fun. There are many hobbyist's musical keyboard circuits around the net.   Most design are based on 555 or some oscillator circuits. The limitation of these design are that this circuit generates only one tone at_;.......

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120V, 220V Electronic Ballast Circuit for Twin 40 Watt Fluorescent Tubes

In this article we learn how to build a simple yet extremely reliable electronic ballast circuit for driving or operating two 40 watt fluorescent tubes, with an active power correction. Courtesy: http://www.irf.com/technical-info/appnotes/an-995a. pdfInternational Rectifier Control ICs are monolithic power integrated circuits suitable for operating low-side and high-side MOSFETs or lGBTs through logic level, referenced to ground input leads. They feature balanced out voltage functionality as muc.......

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My Projects: Tricorder Sound Circuit

Star Trek fans have likely heard the whirling whistle of the Tricorder. After talking with my son Paul about the challenge of designing a circuit to reproduce the sound, I came up with this implementation using three 555 timer chips. The circuit has three astable multivibrator circuits (oscillators). Two of them have a high enough frequency to create tones, and the other is used to give the wobble sound.The transistor and capacitor work together with the tone oscillator to make a voltage to freq.......

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Single-transistor flyback drivers.

keywords: single transistor flyback driver, single MOSFET flyback driver, simple flyback driver, one transistor flyback driver. So far, i have dealt with several powerful flyback drivers such as ZVS and 555 timer. To be honest i m more interested in a simpler but powerful flyback driver, so i researched about drivers that utilise only one transistor. The most popular one-transistor flyback driver is one that uses the ubiquitous 2N3055 NPN silicon power transistor. The schematic is as shown below.......

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555 Timer IC Basics | Embedtronics for the Evil Genius

The 555 timer combines a relaxation oscillator, two comparators, an R-S flip-flop, and a discharge capacitor. R-S Flip-Flop. A pair of cross-coupled transistors is shown in figure. Each collector drives the opposite base through resistance RB. In such circuit one transistor is saturated while the other is cut-off. For instance, if transistor Q1 is saturated,.......

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IC 555 generates a PWM signal

Here is a very simple ic 555 oscillator that generates a PWM signal. in this case, i am using a. . . [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

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12 Volt Lamp Dimmer circuit diagram and instructions

Here is a 12 volt / 2 amp lamp dimmer that can be used to dim a standard 25 watt automobile brake or backup bulb by controlling the duty cycle of a astable 555 timer oscillator. When the wiper of the potentiometer is at the uppermost position, the capacitor will charge quickly through both 1K resistors and the diode, producing a short positive interval and long negative interval which dims the lamp to near darkness........

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Hobby Circuit - s - Medical Fluid Detector

Medical Fluid Detector: A simple 40KHz 12v peak to peak square wave signal generator, using a 555 timer oscillator, was fed to the metal needle and the whole vertical indexing system, which was electrically isolated from everything else. On the receiver end, a copper foil electrode, which was designed to fit snugly on the bottom of a plastic cup, acted as a holder for the fluid container.......

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http://www.discovercircuits.com/H-Corner/HC-Medical Fluid Detector.htm

Bowden's Hobby CircuitsBowden's Hobby Circuits

A small collection of electronic circuits for the hobbyist or student. Site includes 100+ circuit diagrams with text descriptions, several electronic calculators, links to related sites, commercial kits and projects, newsgroups, and educational areas.

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Fox and Hound, wire tracerFox and Hound, wire tracer

Fox and Hound, wire tracer, Electronics Tutorials with circuits and examples, 555-741-PLL-relays-Triac-SCR-Resistors-Capacitors-coils-ic.

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1.5V LED Flasher Circuits1.5V LED Flasher Circuits

Some 1.5 v LED flasher circuits are available on the internet and we like to present you four of them. The flasher circuits below operate on a single 1.5

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