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SIMPLIS Simulation Tames Analysis of Stability, Transient Response, and Startup For DC-DC Converters

In designing linear and switch-mode power supplies, engineers have long focused on the issue of load current transient demand and its impact on the power supply’s output-voltage regulation and response characteristic. Many applications—based on ASICs, FPGAs, microprocessors and the like—have supply.......



Snubber Capacitors Film CapaCitors For iGBt power eleCtroniCs appliCations RoHS COMPLIANT Intelligent Capacitor Solutions As a world-class supplier of capacitors for industrial, medical and specialty applications, Aerovox can address [. . . . . ]

http://www.aerovox.com/Portals/0/PDFs/2012 Catalog Updates/SN01308.pdf


Blog Post Feeling "SiC" Adoption of silicon carbide (SiC) technology across the power electronics industry remains in its early stages. But the buzz can certainly not be [. . . . . ]



Reference Design SLUA269 - July 2002 UCC3819 250-W Power Factor Corrected (PFC) Boost Follower Preregulator Design Michael O'Loughlin ABSTRACT This paper reviews the benefits of a boost follower [. . ]



coverstory By David Marsh, Contributing Editor WIND CHIMES IN 38 edn | December 7, 2004 www.edn.com CAPTURING THE SUN'S ENERGY VIA WIND POWER IS NOT [. . ]



design Edited by Bill Travis ideas DDS circuit generates precise PWM waveforms Colm Slattery, Analog Devices, Limerick, Ireland P ulse-width moduVDD lation is a simple way to modulate, LOWPASS or change, [. . ]



Really Bare Bones Board (Arduino ) revision B Assembly Instructions revised 4/3/08 Observe proper polarity of electrolytic caps. 1. 3mm Long lead is OR positive. 2. 1mm power [. . ]



Chapter 31 Switching Converter Power Supplies The general principles of switching converter power supplies, what they are and how they are used, plus some examples. General Chapter 22 covered conventional, powered-from-60 or 50 Hz electric power distribution lines. Switchers, [. ]



IPC-9592 Performance Parameters for Power Conversion Devices Final Draft APRIL 2007 IPC-9592 ­ FINAL DRAFT April 2007 IPC-9592, Performance Parameters for Power Conversion Devices 1 SCOPE 1. 1 Statement of Scope This document [. . ]



Application Notes AN-995A Electronic Ballasts Using the Cost-Saving IR215X Drivers Introduction Electronic ballast circuits have recently undergone a revolution in sophistication from the early bipolar designs of ten years ago. [. . ]



New LowProfile Hermetic LTCC Mixer Series Raises the Bar for Reliability, Performance, and Price Abstract. A new family of ultrareliable mixers, [. . ]



APPLICATION INFORMATION 900 MHz low noise amplifier with the BFG480W Philips Semiconductors 900 MHz low noise amplifier with the BFG480W ABSTRACT · Description of the product The BFG480W, one of the Philips double polysilicon [. . ]



AN10349 Digital temperature sensor accuracy explained Rev. 01 -- 9 August 2006 Application note Document information Info Keywords Abstract Content LM75A, SE95, SA56004X, NE1617A, NE1618, NE1619 This document explains the various effects on [. . ]



AND8165/D EMI and ESD Filtering of Audio Interconnects Prepared by: Ryan Hurley ON Semiconductor https://onsemi.com APPLICATION NOTE Background The continued ever-increasing integration of more functions into personal electronic devices such as cell phones has [. . ]



bq51011 bq51013 www.ti.com SLVSAT9D ­ APRIL 2011 ­ REVISED AUGUST 2012 INTEGRATED WIRELESS POWER SUPPLY RECEIVER, Qi (WIRELESS POWER CONSORTIUM) COMPLIANT Check for Samples: bq51011, bq51013 1 FEATURES Integrated Wireless Power [. . ]


New Micropower, Low Dropout Regulators Ease Battery Supply Designs

Three new linear regulators simplify the design of battery-operated equipment. The LT®1521 is a 300mA, positive low dropout regulator with micropower quiescent current and shutdown.



AN104 Dataforth Corporation DID YOU KNOW ? Page 1 of 3 In 1827 Georg Simon Ohm, a German physicist, published his work, The Galvanic [. . ]



Maxim > Design Support > Technical Documents > Application Notes > Audio Circuits > APP 3878 Keywords: class D, EMC, audio, amplifier, filterless, modulation, pwm APPLICATION [. ]



AN104 Dataforth Corporation DID YOU KNOW ? Page 1 of 3 In 1827 Georg Simon Ohm, a German physicist, published his work, The Galvanic [. . ]


Efficiency_of_Internal_Power_Supplies_Latest_Developments_APEC 2006

The Efficiency Of Internal Power Supplies: Test Procedure And Policy Developments BRIAN FORTENBERY Engineering Manager EPRI Solutions Inc. bfortenbery@eprisolutions.com PETER MAY-OSTENDORP Research Analyst Ecos Consulting postendorp@ecosconsulting.com Agenda Æ Internal [. . ]

http://efficientpowersupplies.epri.com/pages/Latest_Protocol/Efficiency_of_Internal_Power_Supplies_Latest_Developments_APEC 2006.pdf


FEBRUARY `14 Printable Memory Thinfilm's printable memory labels are as thick as a human hair. Executive VP of Sales & Business Development for Thin Film Electronics ASA Jennifer Ernst PCB [. . ]


TKK - Department of Radio Science and Engineering - Former Circuit Theory Laboratory

TM Free Guide to Electronics Soldering Table of Contents Safety Glasses Solder Tools 2 2 Solder and Fluxes Typical Solder Joints on PCBs 4 6 Hand Soldering Techniques 7 Trimming Component Leads 10 1 ApogeeKits Free Guide to Electronics Soldering A FREE [. . ]


Servisystem - Reparaciones de TV, Audio, DVD y toda la Electrónica

See you at the WaterHole Volume 2001 Issue I tm ww. RAInfo.net Chippewa Valley Astronomical Society star party introduces the Little Bitty Telescope Version 2 and LBT Experiment No. 1 tm The fall star party of the CVAS [. . ]


Chapter 4 Data Converter Process Tech F

DATA CONVERTER PROCESS TECHNOLOGY ANALOG-DIGITAL CONVERSION 1. Data Converter History 2. Fundamentals of Sampled Data Systems 3. Data Converter Architectures 4. Data Converter Process Technology 4. 1 Early Processes [. . ]

http://www.analog.com/library/analogDialogue/archives/39-06/Chapter 4 Data Converter Process Tech F.pdf


iW1761 Product Brief Ultra-Low No-Load Power Digital Quasi-Resonant PWM Controller 1.0 Features Ultra-low no-load power consumption with lowest system cost (< 10mW at 230VAC in typical 5V/2A,10W power supplies) Primary-side feedback eliminates opto-isolators and simplifies design Intelligent l.......



Formula Finder Learnabout Electronics - AC Theory Facts & Formulae for AC Theory www.learnabout-electronics.org Contents AC Wave Values. . . . . . . . 2 Capacitance. . . . . . . . . 2 Charge on a Capacitor . . . . . . . . . 2 Total Capacitance . . . . . . . . 2 Inductance. . . . . . . . .......



JULY 29, 2010 | EDN 41 readerS SOLV e de SIGN P r OBL e MS Edit E d By Martin r ow E and Fran Granvill E design ideas Validating the sytem efficiency of a power-electronics circuit is es - sential in evaluating the overall system performance, design optimization, and sizing of cooling systems.


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