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Another RIAA Preamp - diyAudioAnother RIAA Preamp - diyAudio

Attached is an RIAA preamp circuit that came out of the work I've been doing (documented in the analog line forum) with feedback connected mosfets

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78 rpm and RIAA Phono Equaliser78 rpm and RIAA Phono Equaliser

ESP Audio Projects - Build a multi-standard 78 rpm and RIAA Phono Equaliser for restoration or archiving of old recordings

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RIAA Clarifies the Legality of Home Audio Recording

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A two-stage MC tube based RIAA circuit - diyAudioA two-stage MC tube based RIAA circuit - diyAudio

My 2SK240/ECC88, 6SJ7 RIAA build As a student, I made a PAS3X clone of the Dynaco preamplifier. A simple two stage ECC83 concept, with an added buffer

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Phono Preamplifier circuit diagram and instructions

In recent years, following CD\'s introduction, vinyl recordings are almost disappeared.Nevertheless, a phono preamplifier is still useful for listening old vinyl discs from a well preserved collection. This simple but efficient circuit devised for cheap moving-magnet cartridges, can be used in connection with the audio power amplifiers shown in these web pages, featuring low noise, good RIAA frequency response curve, low distortion and good high frequency transients behavior due to passive equal.......

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Istvan Mihalcz weblapja - Audio oldalak

Istvan Mihalcz's audio page, DIY home audio, Single Ended HiFi - many schematics, speakers with Tannoy drivers. Detailed descriptions of DIY projects: preamplifiers, RIAA correctors, headphone amplifiers, class A power amplifiers, CD players, turntables etc. Learn to design and build your own hifi system!.......

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Silicon Chip Online - Build A Stereo Headphone Amplifier

Build A Stereo Headphone Amplifier - It's based on a single IC and can be used with RIAA (turntable) preamp described in our March 2002 issue (or anything else) In March, we told you how we rescued an old turntable and fitted it with a self-powered RIAA preamplifier so it could be used with modern hifi amplifiers. Here's the promised second part of the story: a matching headphone amplifier so you can enjoy the fantastic black plastic in perfect peace and privacy!.......

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CarPlayer.Com PlansCarPlayer.Com Plans

Instructions on how to build a computer audio and MP3 player for your car. This will let you listen to various formats of music while driving.

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AND8177/D Audio Circuits Using the NE5532/4 https://onsemi.com APPLICATION NOTE Audio Circuits Using the NE5532/34 The following will explain some of ON Semiconductors low noise op amps and show their use in some audio [. . ]

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Audio Test OscillatorAudio Test Oscillator

ESP Project Pages - Audio Test Oscillator. Visit my other pages for more test equipment and audio projects

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Phono PreamplifierPhono Preamplifier

Simple circuitry suitable for moving-magnet cartridges. Passive high-frequency equalization

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Line level to phono inputLine level to phono input

Circuit to connect line level audio signals to phono input.

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Electrnica aplicada al audio de calidad. Amplificadores a vlvulas.

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Tube audio projects and datasheets

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