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Amplifier Circuits: Logarithmic Amplifiers, Page 2

Page 2 Amplifier, Logarithmic circuits, schematics or diagrams. Discovercircuits.com is your portal to free electronic circuits links.


AD8304 datasheet and product info | 160 dB Logarithmic Amplifier with Photo-Diode Interface | Log/Limiting Amplifiers | Analog Devices

The AD8304 is a monolithic logarithmic detector optimized for the measurement of low frequency signal power in fiber optic systems. It uses an advanced translinear technique to provide an exceptionally large dynamic range in a versatile and easily used form. Its wide measurement range and accuracy are achieved using proprietary design techniques and precise laser trimming. In most.......


Amplifier Circuits: Logarithmic Amplifiers, Page 1


Precision logarithmic and logarithmic ratio amplifier LOG100_Circuit Diagram World


Schematics: Amplifier: Logarithmic Circuits

http://schematics-rosa.blogspot.com.es/search/label/Amplifier%3A Logarithmic Circuits

Logarithmic Amplifier LM11C - Schematic Design


Circuitos de Electronica: Logarithmic Amplifier 2


AD8307 Power MeterAD8307 Power Meter

The circuit diagram of the power meter stands out by its simplicity, which is due to the Type AD8307 monolithic demodulating logarithmic amplifier, IC1, fr



Spectrum analyser Written by Hans Summers Friday, 02 October 2009 06:17 - Last Updated Wednesday, 08 April 2015 07:55 Introduction Spectrum Analyser theory Construction Techniques Power Supply Sweep Generator Logarithmic Amplifier 145 MHz IF Filter 1st Mixer [. ]


AD8306S datasheet and product info | Aerospace 5 - 400 MHz, 100 dB High Precision Limiting - Logarithmic Amplifier | Military/Aerospace | Analog Devic.......

The AD8306 is a complete IF limiting amplifier, providing both an accurate logarithmic (decibel) measure of the input signal (the RSSI function) over a dynamic range of 100 dB, and a programmable limiter output, useful from 5 MHz to 400 MHz.


Amplifier Circuits: Logarithmic Amplifiers Links

Page 3 - includes to Amplifier, Logarithmic circuits, schematics or diagrams. DiscoverCircuits has 30, 000+ free electronic circuits - Links


Amplifier Circuits: Logarithmic Amplifiers Links

Page 3 - includes to Amplifier, Logarithmic circuits, schematics or diagrams. DiscoverCircuits has 30, 000+ free electronic circuits - Links


TDA1013 4.2W Power Amplifier

The TDA1013 is an integrated audio amplifier circuit with DC volume control, encapsulated in a 9-lead single in-line (SIL) plastic package. The wide supply voltage range makes this circuit ideal for applications in mains and battery-fed apparatus such as television receivers and record players. The DC volume control stage has a logarithmic control characteristic with a range of more than 80 dB; control is by means of a DC voltage variable between 2 and 6.5 V. .......


Electronic Stethoscope Circuit

This is an electronic stethoscope circuit diagram. The operation of the circuit is very simple. It's work is similar to general home audio system. The heartbeat sounds catched by electret microphone and then the amplifier amplify the signal. Component List:R1 = 10K 1/4WR2 = 2. 2K 1/4WR3, R9 = Not usedR4 = 47K 1/4WR5, R6, R7 = 33K 1/4WR8 56K = 1/4WR10 = 4. 7K 1/4WR11 = 2. 2K to 1.......


Digital volume control has log taper - 2002-04-11 07:00:00 | EDN

Digital potentiometers provide a compact and convenient way to attenuate audio-amplifier signals. However, most such potentiometers suffer from at least one flaw: a nonlogarithmic step increment. To avoid this problem, a user must usually step the potentiometer in a nonlinear sequence to simulate a logarithmic taper........


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