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Electronica del PC

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 Lammert Bies - Computer Interfacing - Homepage Lammert Bies - Computer Interfacing - Homepage

Computer interfacing information. RS232, parallel and USB are covered.Cable layouts, protocol help and software downloads.


 Ethan Brodsky's Home Page  Ethan Brodsky's Home Page

Information on programming Sound Blasters and other compatible PC sound hardware, including the Sound Blaster 16 programming document. Official distribution point for my SMIX, SB16SND, SIMUL, and other code.


 Tom's Hardware: hardware news, test and reviews Tom's Hardware: hardware news, test and reviews

Tom's Hardware is the Internet's premiere resource for hardware news and reviews


 Beyond Logic Beyond Logic

Beyond Logic includes detailed information on Universal Serial Bus, Serial Ports (RS232), Parallel Ports (SPP/ECP/EPP/IEEE1284), Device Drivers and more. Most texts also come in PDF for easy Download and Printing


 Dux Computer Digest of Computer Networking, Hardware, and Software Dux Computer Digest of Computer Networking, Hardware, and Software

Computer and network how-to articles, technical forums and FAQs, reviews, and news.


Computer and Peripheral Solutions | Texas Instruments

Computer and Peripheral application and end equipment solutions including interactive block diagrams, products, tools and software -- Texas Instruments solutions for computers and peripherals help designers develop the latest for small office-home office (SOHO) to enterprise-class products.



CPU-Central: find reviews on computer hardware, CPU, Intel, AMD, transmeta, cooling, Athlon Thunderbird.Also find news on the computer industry. information on CPU's from Intel, AMD, Cyrix, and AMD, such as the Pentiom 4 Extream, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, K5, K6, Opteron, 6x86, 6x86MX, and Winchip C6 .......


The UK's leading source for Hardware and Games reviews | bit-tech.net

The latest technology, hardware and game reviews and case mods. The latest news headlines from the hardware and gaming industries. The latest articles include AMD updates chip roadmap for 2013, What If? - A Salem Preview, Illuminate your PC - Part 1, Bit-tech Case Mod Index Update, OCZ Octane 512GB Review. .......


Projects - Pc related


Audio on a PC: FAQ


1394 Trade Association


Sound Blaster 16 Programming Document


iiepci | una plataforma de desarrollo para el bus PCI


USB4all - Interfáz USB genérica para comunicación con dispositivos electrónicos


Fil's FAQ-Link-In Corner: Ports: PC Keyboard FAQ


Documentos sobre Electronica del PC en PDF

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