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555 555 Circuits II - Jose Pino's Projects and Tidbits.
Some useful circuits using the LM555 IC. (11/26/2006)

DPRG: DPRG: A Simple PWM Circuit Based on the 555 Timer
Founded in 1984, the DPRG is one of the nation's oldest personal robotics groups. Come join us!

Semaforo con el ci 555

Circuit Circuit - 555 Timer Forms Simple PWM Motor Controller - Circuits designed by David A. Johnson, P.E.
Using a CMOS version of the 555 timer, this circuit can be used to control the speed of a motor by adjusting the duty cycle of the pulses sent to the motor

Pulse generator

Schematics of delabs: Drive SCR thyristor with 555
Drive SCR thyristor with 555

Schematics Schematics of delabs: LM555 Voltage Doubler

Remote controlled color TV circuit based on LM555-CD4017 - Free Electronic projects & 8085 projects : Free Electronic projects & 8085 projects

ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING PRoJECT For Technical Study: LM555 Timer Circuit


Digital Stop Watch and Digital Timer Circuit
A digital stop watch or digital timer circuit schematic built around timer IC LM555 and 4-digit counter IC MM74C926 with multiplexed 7-segment LED display

F to V Converter Circuit using LM555 Timer IC
A simple F to V converter circuit with diagram and schematic using LM555 Timer IC.This circuit has lots of applications in digital frequency meters, tachometers etc.

Bootstrapped Timer by Andrew R. Morris
Bootstrapped timer Circuit designed by Andrew R. Morris, all rights reserved. This circuit demonstrates how to use bootstrapping to seriously boost the output power of the timer. The LC555 can only put out about 50mA as it is. This circuit can put out at least 200mA and goes.......

Motion Detector with LM555, LM1458
Motion detector using photo-transistor, 555 and LM1458

LM555 Voltage Doubler - delabs
delabs is a web service for electronic product and circuit design. There are over 300 circuit diagrams and documents which are maintained as a free reference resource for hobbyists, students, professionals and engineers.

LM555 Voltage Doubler delabs Schematics

Search result for: lm555 :: High-Voltage-Lab.com
lm555 circuit diagrams. Search DIY electronic projects and circuit diagrams with descriptions. Learn electronics.

Furnace Fuel Miser Circuit Electronic Circuits diagrams Schematics Projects :: Next.gr
A timer (LM555CN) and decode counter is used to generate duty cycles from 10% to 100% to control the time a heating system can operate. V2 is a decode counter that can be switched from 10% to 100% duty cycle. V3A and form a latch that drive Al, LED1, and V4. The triac TRI is used as an ac switch, .......

Ultrasonic bug-chaser Electronic Circuits diagrams Schematics Projects :: Next.gr
Low-intensity ultrasonic sound waves in the 30-45 kHz frequency band repel insects and small rodents. The unit is designed to generate a swept square wave from 30 to 45 kHz. The LM555 IC is wired as an ultrasonic oscillator driving a piezoelectric speaker of the hi-fi super-tweeter type